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help: bitcomet not responding in windows 7

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i have used bitcomet across win xp, vista and just recently windows 7.

after a few hours (don't exactly know as i left it on and went to bed), bitcomet (vers. 1.17, 1.18 and even 1.19) showed 'not responding'. it freezes. and i cannot kill it or even reboot/shut down my PC from the OS. had to use the power button.

i never had this problem on win xp or vista. have debugged for a few days. this does not happen if bitcomet is NOT running.

it is not related to my power options, as i leave hard disks 'never' turn off selection.

OS: Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate

bitcomet versions: 1.17, 1.18, 1.19

modem: Aztech DSL605EU

router: Belkin N1 wireless

settings: PC on bitcomet is in DMZ. Ports forwarded in router to PC. using WIRED ethernet connection to PC

firewall: Kaspersky internet security. ports forwarded in firewall

internet: ADSL (dl: 1M, up: 384k)

appreciate if someone who encountered this can share with me or help me resolve this.

thanks in advance

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Uninstall Kaspersky altogether.

It should, most probably, solve the problem. If not at least you'll eliminate one suspect for the time being.

We had several reports about issues with KIS (if you search the forum you'll find them). From what I've seen on other forums it seems that even other BitTorrent clients may be affected by this.

It seems to either freeze the whole system or just the Internet connection in some cases. Some users even wrote on Kaspersky forums complaining about this but it seems that the issue it's not fixed yet.

If that turns out to be the culprit, your easiest way would be to use another security solution.

Or if you want to try and debug it, you can turn on independent components of KIS, one at a time, leave it running a while, and at least find out which one of them is causing the issue.

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I'm not sure if simply disabling the firewall will do. Most Internet Security suites have services which load at system startup even when all modules of the suite are disabled.

Besides it's not been proved yet that specifically the firewall is the culprit (though it kind of stands to reason). KIS has an IDS module as well, and it's possible that even the antivirus module monitors network connections (many antiviruses have even several separate "shields" for: email, web, local network, P2P, etc.). Also, more and more security suites keep adding additional modules (antispyware, anti-rootkit and such) that may have to do with the networking part as well. So, there is no sure telling which module you should disable.

If you uninstall it first and get rid of the problem, you will know for sure if there (KIS) lies the problem.

Then you can reinstall it back and keep all modules disabled, while running just one at a time, for a longer period (1-3 days) to see if and when the issue surfaces again.

This is not a common issue with KIS (it doesn't appear every time when KIS meets BitComet or other BitTorrent client) so there is no wonder that it worked fine with the other OS-es. There are lots of users of KIS which never reported a problem of this type.

There are others which reported that KIS got along well with BitComet for more or less time (even months) after which it started going berserk (I know, it doesn't make any sense!). But for others it came up as soon as the applications met.

So, if this indeed turns out to be the issue, it's only you who can decide if you wish to go through the trouble of testing all this to find out where lies the problem. All the other users didn't, that's why we can't tell you more either.

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I have this same problem with BitComet 64 bit version 1.38 on Windows 12 server, with 16 GB memory. My CPU usage is at 26% and my Memory is at 68% usage. I cannot resize the window, either. Sometimes when I start BitComet, it comes up with a extremely minimum window, which cannot be resized because BitComet will not respond. Some of the problem may be because I am writing to a NAS unit on my LAN. I also had this problem with 32-bit BitComet versions 1.36 and earlier, just not this bad. I do NOT use Kapersky, or any other anti-virus, only Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Firewall is Windows Firewall, Ports forwarded in router to this server using WIRED Ethernet. This is a HP Gen8 server with plenty of processing power, 4 cores & 8 virtual processors. My ISP connection is 101-120Mb/s cable. I don't remember having this problem with versions below version 1.00.

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I forgot to mention that I also use Malware Bytes Premium. I have left BitComet running all week, trying to get it to respond, so that I can resize the window. It just is not happening. :wacko: BitCometx64(Not Responding).jpg

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Sounds like you have some corrupt configuration info, something bitcomet cannot resolve. I'd kill the process in task manager and see if you can restart bitcomet, if not you can try renaming your downloads.xml before starting bitcomet. This will start it without any tasks running, if that works you can replace your tasks one at a time.

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