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Have sound, no video

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Well, we have been waiting for two days for an answer to Wiz's question. Maybe if you had answered it ...

You need to determine what the cause of the problem is. The assumption that it's mpcstar's fault is, so far, entirely unjustified. First, eliminate your hardware as a cause. Next, eliminate your ancillary software as a cause. Those two, and especially changes in them, are overwhelmingly more likely to be the reason why audio or video suddenly stops working.

One good way to begin your software investigation is to ask yourself the question that Wiz asked. See?

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Have you tried reinstalling the application?

Can you access the ffdshow video configuration interface?

You can find the rest of the details by opening the file in another player and looking at the file info/properties.

Try vlc.

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Do you care to share a little more info (file type, codec, framerate, audio codec)?

51831617rofl.gif Nah... it's more fun to mind-read. :lol: Where's your sense of adventure, Wiz?? :D

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@ NEOS: Open the ffdshow video configuration GUI and choose Codecs in the left categories list.

On the codecs page make sure that at H.264/AVC entry, "libavcodec" is selected.

@ joeong12: AVI is merely the container type. It doesn't dictate what codec will be used for playing the file. If you follow this thread from start to end you'll find that the answer is pretty much the same for you too.

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