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loading problem


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i have this loading problem ,did not have it at first about 6 months of OK loading, but for about the same time now bitcomet (v. 0.70)loading time keeps growing ,now it loads in about 15 min (CPU usage 99,and almost all of the memory) and i cannot do anything else but watch if i want to start bitcomet.

it's becoming really anoying .please help. i like this version better to the newer ones so i'm not so keen to upgrading. how can i make it load ok again? reinstall?

cpu Pentium (M) 1.7 Ghz

504 Mbram

windows XP SP3


adaware lavasoft,Mbam

Thank you!

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Hello !

sorry for the long time ...to reply

i have 1 or no one,but already downloaded 100% in bitcomet,it makes no difference as i noticed.

i have uploaded also a double task manager view: when trying to load bitcomet/before (and the status goes for at least 15 minutes without no modification,than bitcomet loades everything goes normal ).

i also mention that freeze happens after opening main bitcomet window ,in about 30 sec-1 min(i don't know if it is a loading problem or smth else).


thank you!

bit comet.doc

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0.70 has only DHT, none of the other options. It seems as if BC is waiting for some other task to complete before it begins, which you might look for. Check on how exactly you are starting it.

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disabled DHT from preferences->conection, the others indeed i cannot find them.

i think it solved the problem it starts ok now,no more freeze; evan though on task proprieties DHT public network is still enabeled? how is this posible?

thank you very much!

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As long as your circular DHT icon (the circle, at the bottom of the screen) remains gray (ie. the DHT function is disabled) and not green (enabled), you will not connect to anyone through it.

The task(s) however, may have that specific option enabled, if the original uploader/creator did not disallow its use for downloading the contents. Think of the DHT as an alternative/added doorway - if it's closed (DHT disabled), no traffic can enter nor exit through it, no matter who comes knocking.

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