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We can't support CometPlayer

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Cometplayer's release was as much of a surprise to the support staff as it was to the general public. We had no idea that it was coming, we have been provided no documentation at all and don't know a thing more about it than you do. The answer to any question anyone has is, "we don't know either".

Where is the documentation, the user manual? If there is no user manual, then I suggest the product be withdrawn completely, until there is one. I suggest that this become the new company habit, not to release a product until there is at least basic documentation in place, and not to add forum support to it until some effort is made to assure that it can be supported in the forum.

At first blush, this is a winamp clone. That's pretty hard to get excited about. There must be something somewhere that made somebody think the world needed another winamp clone. What was it? It sure doesn't look very exciting to me. Is there something special about it? Why would I want to use Cometplayer, which I don't know and which isn't documented so I can learn, instead of WinAmp which I already know, have already customized to suit myself and have all set up?

Can we at least find out what filetypes it supports?

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Dear Kluelos, thank you for pointing out those problems timely.

CometPlayer is just released, your perspectives will help us to improve this software and let more people accept it.

Since I'm not a customer of Winamp, I've only used it in my friend's PC... In my opinion, compare to Winamp, the main advantage of CometPlay is the simple layout, cuz Winamp is quite complicated for me (which I recgon is my own problem but not the software's!).

Anyway, really appreciate for your advices. I was kinda responsible for this website, and was not being very thoughtful about some parts. I'll discuss with other mates 2moro and see what we can do. =)

P.S. the filetypes it supports were listed in the main page.

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Thank you for trying this new software Vasy~ Glad to see you like it! Please sing out loud so we can here you sing from here! :D

The CometPlayer wiki is now under development. Hope it can be published ASAP.

Please let us know what other improvements you would like to see. Thank u all!!! ^^

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