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Toplist vs AtComet


Toplist vs AtComet  

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  1. 1. In the Torrents Sites list, which site should be linked to "Toplists of Torrent Sites"?

    • http://toplist.bitcomet.com/
    • http://www.atcomet.com/topic_p/torrent/?bcl
    • Keep both
    • Others (please specify in reply)

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Dear all, one of our friends in this forum made a suggestion about the "Torrent sites" section in BitComet v1.19.

He suggested to replace the link in "Toplists of Torrent Sites" with http://toplist.bitcomet.com

Please let us know which site do you prefer, the original (http://www.atcomet.com/topic_p/torrent/?bcl) or the suggested (http://toplist.bitcomet.com). Thank you and please participate. :)

The BitComet Team

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My Vote goes to toplist.bitcomet.com because:

1. This site is online since 2007 year

2. I have founded many interesting torrent sites via toplist.bitcomet.com

3. It was ( and it will be ) well ,, Google Pageranked ,,

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I've never had toplist respond to me with anything other than an error, usually 'connection was reset while the page was loading', so obviously, I don't think it's ready to be a replacement. I've never seen the site, just error messages.

As far as the AtComet list, the top-rated site is still Mininova, which was shut down except for content distribution since November. IOW it's sadly out of date.

I'd have to go with "neither".

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My vote goes with the more eye friendly atcomet, but,as kluelos says it needs updating, and the downtimes we get complaints about don't help.

It's the first time I see toplist.bitcomet.com, no errors though..

Toplist has a bad reputation, maybe you don't know about wot but its 300000000 users sure do.

A way for the users who use the favorites panel to add their own favorite sites to that list should be implemented.

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Dear all, thank you for all those statements.

toplist has been fixed already, but seems like most of you don't like it.

Since I know nothing about these 2 sites, and we all have our own preferences, I recgon the best solution may be Vasy's suggestion about the favourite panel.

But we'll see how the voting goes, see if there'll be any surprises.

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Can someone from US or another country access toplist.bitcomet.com? I have asked my friends from Russia and US ( New York ) to visit toplist and they can't do it

can someone confirm it? I can't access it too

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