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what is the launching date for bitcomet 1.2ver ?

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already 1.20 beta released.so within 10 days 1.20 final wil be released.its just my expectation.

sometimes cometbird and bitcomet new versions use to be released at same time almost.but cometbird should be released within 4 to 5 days.so bitcomet new version wil be released along with cometbird 3.6.2 acc my view.

lets see what happens.

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To all who wish to participate in this type of date-guessing game... Please do NOT do so, in these Help forums (if you simply MUST do so, I suggest that you keep it to a thread in the Lounge or some such place).

By re-opening or starting a new thread every time that YOU expect a new version of a product, it becomes quite tiresome/trying for those who have to read every single message posted, each and every day. Also, it is regarded as a conduct more fitting to that of a small child asking "Are we there, yet?", every couple of minutes, while on a road trip with his parents.

As kluelos said, releases will happen when they happen. Further (constant) speculations only help to encumber the developers' attention and add to their already-full agenda, by adding indirect pressure from users who are impatient. Please control yourselves.

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