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Thank You BitComet

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Hello everyone,

It wasn't until recently (about an hour ago) that I've came across BitComet. Everything began today when I changed my ISP. My work required me to upgrade my internet connection, from a 2 Mbit to 50 mbit hybrid fiber + eurodocsis 3.0 connection. I was forced to choose this over pure FTTH solutions available from other providers that unfortunately are not yet operating in my home radius yet.

Although the connection is more than sufficient, this ISP is know to be a real addict at Traffic shaping. Nasty thing, where I would download at 200 KB/s with my previous ISP. With this one, I wasn't getting anywhere near 30 KB/s either with uTorrent or Vuze.

Therefore I came to know ITMPs: Internet Traffic Management Practices, the harsh way. Unfortunately I'll have to live with that, for now. But Thanks to BitComet, I'm downloading at speeds of 1000 KB/s. Noble.

It's important what this community and this program/brand is doing. Raising the P2P to a corporate level and beating these ISP's with the lay that they own use to enforce these tactics on us. I've read some articles about what it is being done where and judging by the amount of Internet service providers joining these practices, you guys are the vanguard of P2P survival in "The real business world".

This product has as off now my entire support. I'm gonna love being part of your community.


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I too had the same prob and have the same connection now i won't tell you my isp but will mention that i have the XL package lol

thanx to the BitComet family am now downloading faster than ever and seed for a lot longer than i was able to before now seeding at least 75% if the download is worth having and is high quality i will seed for longer upto 175%.

i am pleased to be a part of the BitComet family and enjoy sharing but have noticed ... when leeches get to 100% they leave and do not share, this makes my blood boil as the download speeds slow down dramatically.

again i thank the BitComet Community for letting me be apart of your massive family. :D

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I remember when Comcast tried throttling me. I mostly just download TV shows to my media server and stream those to my PS3. Well I just started download the files from HTTP links instead. I downloaded shoes I didn't even like to watch just to burn up bandwidth. Strangely my connection stopped being throttled after only 2 weeks of my downloading several HD video files a day.

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