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Torrent stopped at 93% How do I get it fo finish?

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I know you've probably been asked this a hundred times at least, but like the guy said in one of the "Star Trek" movies, I here am new!!

How do I get a torrent going again -- one stopped at 93% and another at 77% -- I've clicked stop and start several times, to no avail...Last night I had 10 going at once: some finished and others stalled...

Secondly,is there a way to make some downloads go faster?? I've been on here for TWO DAYS!!! (I just put my screen-saver on if it's late, & take a nap and come back)...

And thirdly, I am nearly out of space on my C Disc...Can I move BitComet & my movies over to my E Disc, where except for my iTunes, I've got a lot of space???

Can my movies be imported into iTunes???

Just let me know what your answers aare, ither here or at my e-mail...

Thank you, JanetCoop a/k/a Janet Cooper

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What do you mean by "to no avail"? What does/doesn't happen?

When you start a torrent it may take some time before finding other peers and initiating downloads from them. That is, if there are any peers for that torrent. You can verify that in the Seeds/Peers column.

Also you can check in the Trackers tab that your client connected successfully to the tracker from where it can retrieve the list of peers for that torrent.

If there are no peers for that torrent, or if there are no seeds and all the peers are stuck at about the same maximum percentage (you can check that on the Peers tab) then that torrent is stuck until some seeder joins the swarm.

You can find extensive information in the BitComet Wiki pages about the client usage, interface and answers to FAQ.

Also you can check the Guides and Tutorials section of the forum.

You can also find answers to your speed question in there; basically you should make sure that you have an open listen port (indicated by a green status light) and that your client is setup according to the Settings Guide. If you don't have a green status light (i.e. an open listen port) then you can use this FAQ topic to troubleshoot your issue: I have a yellow status light and my download speeds are slow. What should I do?

You can shutdown your PC whenever you wish; when you start your BitComet client again the next day, it should pick up where it left. Unless you're downloading some very old torrent (with very few peers) and you fear that you may not finish it if you quit at the moment.

You needn't move BitComet which occupies very little space on the HDD. You may move your downloads, however, to whichever drive/folder you please. Just select all the tasks in your tasklist and right-click them. In the context menu choose Files Move To and in the menu on the right choose Other directory. There you can select a location of your choice to move the tasks' files.

Also remember to set your default download directory to point to the new drive/folder by using the Tools-->Default Directory menu, so that your new downloads will go by default on the new drive.

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Can my movies be imported into iTunes???

This would depend on what type of video you downloaded, and if it is compatible with iTunes. Since BitComet is a download tool, and doesn't provide any movies at all, the movies you download can vary widely in format.

For this answer, you would need to check with iTunes documentation and/or support forum, but they aren't going to be able to answer the question if your not specific about what type of video your wanting to watch.

On a personal note, I find iTunes to be a poorly designed program that only complicates the simple job I've wanted it to do. I also found it to be a huge waste of resources. Additionally, people who learn how to use it seem completely unable to manage their files in a more traditional (normal) manner. Ask them to download, save, copy, play a simple mp3 file without using iTunes and they are completely lost.

I prefer to use a simple media player to play my audio/video files, and use windows basic functions to copy media files to discs, storage devices or media players such as mp3 players (ipod and others).

For Audio I prefer WinAmp and for video I use Media Player Classic (or mpcstar).

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Thank you for your reply!! I will move my files to free up space on my C Disk...

I agree with you about iTunes being a pain in the a**!! If you download a movie there, the sound is nice but the video is full of herkies & jerkies, an it stops or skips and dialogue gets chopped out...That's why I'm getting all my "HawthoRNe" episodes again here...even though I originally paid for them on WhyTunes...

I only use iTunes to store my CDs and as a jukebox...I used to play records all day long, now I still do it, without a changer or CD player, it just plays continuously and it's cool for that alone...I do get fed up with them and their quirks...but I now have all my (imported) Beatles in one place...

Again, thank you for your help...I'm pretty new on computer and don't get all the words & stuff...but I'm learning...

Sincerely, JanetCoop a/k/a Janet Cooper

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