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bit comet not responding

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I have used bit comet quite a bit before and it was fine on windows xp but since I got my new comp I haven't been able to use it


AMD Athalon II X4 620 Processor 2.6 GHz

6 GB Ram

windows 7 64 bit version

bit comet version: 1.20 (downloaded today)

cable internet with linksys wireless N router

AVG free trial

now the issue I have is that I can open bitcomet I can play with the menus (file, cometpassport, help, etc.) it signs me into my account (thing at bottom left corner) I can do everything except as soon as I select a torrent in the list bitcomet stops responding and eventually windows asks me if I want to close it or wait another eternity for it to do something. I get no error message nothing and my internet and everything still works while it is non-responsive. please help I would love to continue using this torrent client.

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Are you running any tasks? How many?

Alter the cache setting in "options/advanced" to a lower amount.

BitTorrent clients put a larger strain on your system, and sometimes they bring up underlying faults to your attention.

Download memtest86+ and let it test your memory.

LE: and this one too

LLE: what do you mean by "list"?

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You should also always check Event Viewer when anything like this happens, as that's how Windows reports serious problems to you.

Have you tried other bittorrent clients such as Vuze or µtorrent, and do they work well, or similarly stall?

Strange failures on a new system most often indicate faults in memory, or in the power supply. Both of these components tend to fail pretty quickly if they're going to fail, or to last forever if they don't. Vasy told you about memtest86 to test your memory, and since that's free, it should be your first option, assuming you get no joy from any of the other suggestions.

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Hey it by list I mean the the section that has all the torrents you have open either downloading or seeding or qued or what have you. It doesn't matter if I have 40 things open or just bitcomet by itself. And I am currently using utorrent and it's been running fine I just prefer bitcomet if it will work. I just downloaded memtest86+ and will try that out momentarily.

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if µtorrent is working well then the issue probably isn't hardware.

You might try a clean reinstall, including uninstalling bitcomet and deleting the program directory w all contents, then reinstalling. This will clobber all your option settings and will remove your task list, though not the partial downloads themselves.

Take this opportunity, in the advanced options, to move data storage to appdata. Then redo all of your options, make sure you're running in the appropriate mode for your OS, and try it again.

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