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Slow down when opening a new window

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Hi everybody,

Since a few times, I noticed when I browse a webpage with images, pics, and clicking on them, the webpage opens a new window with the loading image and this operation takes a lot of time: more or less 20 sec. to load this new page.

How I can quickly load a new window ?? What changes can I make on about:config ?

Thanks for your help and sorry, for my basic english. ;)

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Normally there isn't anything you can do. You are at the mercy of servers and internet connections delays, and this takes as long as it takes. You have no control over any of it.

Your internet connection speed is the maximum possible bandwidth over that pipe, not the speed you will ever actually get on any given connection. Every site you connect to passes through multiple hops and each one of these can add its own delays.

When you open a new window, your request for its torrents has to find a route to the server, and each individual packet from the server has to find its separate way to you. Most of the delay is from the packet bouncing around the network, and there isn't anything to be done about that.

The connection between any two points isn't fixed. It changes constantly. A connection can be fairly fast for a while, then fairly slow as routes close and open. In the meantime you are stuck waiting for the data to arrive.

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One thing that might help is instead of clicking on a link and opening a new window, use the "right button" and select to open the page in a new "tab" instead of a new "window". This will help your computer save time because the page will load in your existing window, but the content of that page still may take time to download before it can be displayed.

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Kluelos, it's not a matter of servers as I have this trouble with all kind of websites that needing a new webpage to display pictures.

With Internet Explorer, it only takes 2 sec to load the same picture on a new webpage.

Thanks for your suggestion, The UnUsual Suspect Icon, but I already did exactely what you said. On this webpage, if I click on the right on the little picture, I don't have any choice to open on a new tab.

I think the way will be to modify the about:config file, but I don't know exactely what to modify.

Anybody has a suggestion to accelerate loading page ?

Thanks in advance

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On this webpage, if I click on the right on the little picture, I don't have any choice to open on a new tab.

This statement is very unclear. After reading it several times, I think you are referring to another (unmentioned) website that hosts pics, but has disabled the "right click" menu on the "thumbnail images" (little picture).

Usually when a site does that, it's a lame attempt to stop people from saving images to their computer, but thats another point.

As for why I.E. opens them faster, it's hard to say, but the website may be configured specifically for IE, and not as compatible with firefox/cometbird. A lot of testing would have to be done with both browsers using the website your referring to just to begin to understand what the differences are.

As for me, opening images in firefox/cometbird is usually faster then in I.E., but opening new windows can be faster in I.E. Firefox(cometbird) introduced tab browsing as an alternative to opening new windows, and it is a much better idea which even IE has adopted. There are also the factors of if the browser begins to load the image before it's download is complete, and if the image is designed to display gradually (interlaced) or if it must display all at once. There are many factors about this and there may be a setting to help images display faster. You might want to look on firefox documentations regarding this, since cometbird is a modified version of firefox.

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There is a browser option to redirect window.open() calls to new tabs instead of new windows, so this wouldn't be seen as a choice you're given on each occurrance.

Check under Tools -> Options-> Tabs and check "Open New Windows in a New Tab Instead" to activate this.

To the extent that the browser can be "tweaked", rather than look for individual adjustments in the configuration file you may want to install an add-on called "Fasterfox" instead, and see what that does for you. I'm not commending it, as I don't notice a difference, but that may be because I don't do the sorts of things it can speed up. It's probably worth a try for you.

You said nothing about browser comparisons before. IE is fundamentally different because the company that makes it also makes the OS, and IE has deep hooks into the operating system which no other browser has -- so much so that Microsoft has claimed that IE can not be successfully removed from Windows. This being so, and as resistant as Microsoft has been to exposing Windows internals (which is why many people urge that the company be forcibly broken up), this may always be so, and you'll end up with no choice but to use IE for your purposes.

If you begin with a stabilized system after booting, you'll notice how much faster MSIE starts up compared to any other browser. This is due to those ties in with the OS. I thin the larger part of what you're experiencing is this same issue.

To be strictly fair, it's because much of IE has already been started. and that's a part of why Windows takes so long to boot. It's a little like having an application running but minimized. Comparing bringing up a minimized application with starting one anew, is not a fair or reasonable comparison. A part of IE is always already running as long as Windows is -- whether you need it or not -- and this is wasteful but it also gives IE an unbeatable speed advantage over other browsers when running on Windows.

Nobody's gotten IE to run stably on any other OS, though some pretty good people have tried desperately for a very long time.

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