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trouble with HTTP Downloading

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Bitcomet 1.21

OS:windows XP SP3

every thing was fine until last weak, for some reason i was forced to shutdown unexpectedly while bitcomet was running.from that day any Http task more than 10/20mb size wont finishes it's download at all. It downloads perfectly till the last mb left then it starts acting weird........ even though the speed is around 180-200KB/s it takes around 20 sec to download around 500KB. this behavior gets worst as the task nears it's completion when it is around 15KB left suddenly Bitcomet freezes and a poppup message will says that the disk is busy and bitcomet starts to eat all the ram that is left on the system, i mean peak usage.then only way to close the application is to end the running process through task manager. even if i restarted the bit-comet again, the task will restart to download or resumes it's download after 60/70% then, the same story.while http task is running, if i right click on it or attempt to stop it bitcomet freezes and then the same course of action as before.restarting the download task,reinstalling the bitcomet, increasing the system cache and reducing the download speed nothing fixed the problem. my guess is it's becuse of that unexpected shutdown or there might be an another explanation.any help?

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Have you checked the system error logs for messages?

If you disable or uninstall the BC download manager and just use the browser, do the problems go away?

If so, does installing a previous version of BC work?

If not, check the S.M.A.R.T. history and see if you're getting drive warnings. Try cleaning up your disk with chkdsk and defragging it.

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sorry for late replay :rolleyes:

i tried all the above methods expect last one i didn't quite get it. But the result were same nothing changed.if it was disk error even torrent files also should have been affected but it was only HTTP files.since i didn't had any unfinished download i did a clean uninstall,deleted the remaining files and wiped bitcomet from the registry,then i did a fresh install. every thing working fine now.

thank you very much :)

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