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Pxxxx xx Pxxxxxx movie zip file password


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I downloaded Xxxxxx xx xxxxxx. After downloading It was locked and had to go to watchvid.info to get the password by filling their survey ... after paintaking one hour on their s*** surveys. I did not get the password to unlock.

Please suggest what i need to do..


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This is very clearly stated in the Forum Rules to which you agreed to abide upon signing up as a member of this forum:

"DO NOT ask for RESEEDS, SEEDS, TORRENT/FILE PASSWORDS, ANY direct download links, or make any TORRENT REQUESTS, as we do not host any downloadable file."

Moreover, try not to post in this forum names of copyrighted material you may have downloaded by any means, because replying to any of that would mean that we endorse that behavior, and obviously we cannot do that.

What you do with your BitTorrent client in private is your business and your own only.

As for your issue, as a general advice, you should try to read first the comments posted by other downloaders regarding any torrent that interests you before downloading.

99.99% of the torrents which are passworded are usually scams which have you going to different sites to download "codecs" or "players" or retrieve "passwords" but usually you either end up getting scammed off some money or you get infected with malware. Or if you're extremely lucky, even both.

So, open your eyes mate, there be dragons lurking. B)

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I think it's highly likely you have been infected with some type of malware if you followed the directions in one of these scams.

I'd recommend scanning for viruses with a good antivirus, then also scanning with these two free programs.

Spybot Search and Destroy


Ad-Aware Anti Malware (free edition).

You can get both safely from Cnet's downloads.com, or at the publishers website. Spybot is safer-networking.org I believe, and ad-aware is lavasoft. Look them up.

These are both easy to use for a novice user, but if you want more indepth scanning and testing, you can get "HiJackThis" "malwarebytes". They are good tools too.

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Most of this kind of thing involves getting traffic to go to particular web sites, for which the uploader gets paid -- so many cents per delivered eyeball.

Once you've visited the site in question, everybody has what they want, and nobody has the slightest interest in actually delivering password or content. You will, for example, be told to click a link for your password. It will load forever, until you give up on it, or it'll simply error out. Chances are good that the site-spammer does not even HAVE what you were doing this for.

The survey people may or may not know that this is being done. Very often, they do not, and may even have rules in place forbidding this.

Well, there are rules against spam too, but people still do it, and other people still visit the spammed sites. Spam works, that's why people keep using it. There's always another sucker.

The best thing you can do is stop being a sucker. When you see something like this, don't touch it. Don't visit spammed sites, don't fill out surveys or click links or try to get something for nothing. The moment you learned there was a password, you should have instantly dropped the matter and reported it as passworded spam, back to the site it came from.

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