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All Downloads vanished from BTComit.

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Hi all,

I`m a regular user of BtComit and I think its a great tool. I have never had any problems until today.

I always set my system to download while we are catching some shut eye, In my Main Download File Section, I have some half downloaded programs, and films that haven`t been finished, tried to access them via BTcomits own tools but it says that the torrents can not be found........

I had a full screen yesterday of finished files to add to my list ..... bit lazy in doing that and not deleting the 100% ones.

I had about three downloading and all of a sudden it feels like the twilight zone.

Any Ideas... sorry if It doesn`t make sense half asleep .


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Your making it really hard for us to help you because the only info we have is whats in your post, which contains none of the most basic information about your computer.

While your reading the topic below "READ THIS before posting", consider the fact that your problem might be resolved by now if you had taken a min or two to read it.

ps. additionally, this is not a bug report, it's an incomplete support request so expect it to be moved. I'll leave it here for the meantime to make sure you can find it.

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  • 1 month later...

this sounds like the problem that im having

i did a format on my pc to speed things up i installed all the goodies a fresh windows, anti virus ect. and finally i install Bitcomet i had saved all my torrent files from before so i load them up one by one making sure they restart were they left off every thing was working fine even better then before had to sleep turned every thing off when i woke up sterted every thing back up to fined a empty bitcomet no downloads ..

this had happened once before with a older version but i knew were to look for my torrent files on that one and ive been doing

searches on all my hard drives and no torrent files.. dose any one know what happened or how to fix.


bitcomet V1.20

att 3-6m dsl. connection

2-wire, 2701hg-b router don't portforword

winxp, Norton anti virus 2008

not looking for specific file, too many to name

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Your .torrent files should be in Documents and Settings\%userprofile%\Application Data\BitComet\torents. If you don't find them in there look into Program Files\BitComet\torrents.

If you do find them in either place it means that either:

  • the downloads.xml file has been damaged or deleted or;
  • the value of the system.use_app_data option in Advanced Options has changed somehow.

This option controls whether the settings files (torrent files included) are stored in the AppData folder or in the old location (Program Files in your case).

So, if you find your .torrent files in any of the 2 locations then make sure that the value of the option is consistent with your file's actual location (i.e. if the option is set to TRUE then make sure that your files are in the first location I've mentioned).

In the case when the value of the aforementioned option is consistent with the real location of the files then downloads.xml is the issue. Try renaming the .bak file with the same name, to downloads.xml. You can even open it first in Notepad to see if it contains your tasks.

If you don't find even the .torrent files into the any of the said folders then you should call agent Mulder 'cause something fishy is going on.

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thanks for the help

i couldn't fix it but at least i figured out what my problem was

i had already looked in the Program Files\BitComet\torrents folder but it was empty the thing is that my Documents and Settings\%userprofile%\Application Data\BitComet is not there must have gotten deleted some how

im just going to uninst. then reinst.

thanks anyway great response time

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i had already looked in the Program Files\BitComet\torrents folder but it was empty

That's not as simple as it sounds anymore. You must beware of Virtual Storage, q. g., which attempts to hide the Program Files tree from you -- Windows has decided, at long last, with Vista and 7, that maybe it should try to keep its operating environment clean. (High time!)

It's therefore up to you to make absolutely certain that you are really looking where you think you're looking.

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