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BC fluctuates my i-net on and off

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BC will go from a nice download speed then all of a sudden start dropping off till it hits 0 download speed. Now as it reaches 0 I don't have any internet at all, web pages, aim, nothing will work till it decides to start climbing up again, and it does this over and over all day and night every 10-20 mins. What could be the problem here. I'm using a cable modem and running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and have the latest version of BC which is 1.22. This is very annoying and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this subject. Thanks in advance :)

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Your browser and instant messengers combined open a very limited number of connections at any given time, probably in the range of 10-100 max, where bitcomet will need hundreds, sometimes thousands of connections, so it sounds to me like you have a problem that bitcomet has discovered, not caused.

Normally I'd suspect your router to be the cause, but I'm sure you read the rules and if you used a router, it would have been listed in the information you posted, so my next area I'd look into is having your ISP check your connection.

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I had the same case like NastyNateDoGG. I upgraded to 1.22 from 0.58 (yea I know it's old, but it's my trustworthy Torrent client all the time), then I started to experiencing this problem.

I set upload speed to 10KB/s while downloading, and unlimited while seeding. My normal download speed usually around 100KB/s, but now it's only around 60KB/s and sometimes it dropped to 0 then up to 60s again randomly. When I checked the network, the actual upload rate already took half of my 512kbps upload line, making my downloads went down to third of normal speed. Hardly could browse around or do anything net based. I stopped all the tasks but the upload's still there, quitting Bitcomet stopped the uploads. Restarting the client only to start the uploads again.

So uninstalled 1.22 and reinstall 0.58 and everything is just fine like usual.

Using Win7 Ultimate 64bit on 1mbps cable.

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