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need help to unlock rar file


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Once they've gotten you to do what they want (they get money for everyone they refer to the survey) then they don't need you anymore. They never intended to give it to you.

Welcome to the wonderful world of spam. You won't get your movie, they never had it to begin with.

Never, ever, ever respond to spam. You just encourage the lowlifes to spread it. Why not? Worked with you, didn't it?

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Well, you have a couple of options at hand.

1. Pay attention to the comments other users leave about that specific torrent. Many sites (such as IsoHunt) allow users to comment on the torrents and to rank them. Usually many of the torrents that are valid have comments and positive votes.

2. Do not download anything which has an included text or html file of the type: "How to unlock your files/archive" or whatever of the kind (i.e. stay away from passworded archives).

3. Use a RAR capable player to preview multi-volume RAR archives as described in this guide. Starting with BitComet v.1.23 you can preview/play video inside RAR archives even from BitComet's interface, granted that you assigned as default player for BitComet a player which is capable of playing video from inside RAR archives. For details on how do to that follow this Wiki topic.

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Stay away from RAR'ed video and audio generally.

The last few generations of encoding technology already include compression, so a video or audio file is already as compressed as it can be. Putting it in a RAR file won't make it any smaller. Bittorrent handles directories and multiple files just fine, so there's no need to use an archive to group files.

It follows that the only reason left to put video or audio into a RAR or ZIP archive is to hide things in there, that you would not want if you knew it was there. This is how trojans and worms are hidden, this is how adware is hidden, and this is also how passworded spam is sometimes hidden.

Even if not, RAR'ing is just a waste of the time of every single person that downloads the torrent, for they must all extract the archive, for absolutely no benefit to anyone whatsoever.

In general, then, assume that RAR'ed video is guilty until proven innocent. If you have a choice of multiple instances of something, pick the one that isn't RAR'ed.

Indeed, it is a civic virtue, when you find a clean archive, to extract it, make it into a new unarchived torrent and upload it yourself. This will help your ratio and it will discourage others from uploading RAR's that just get taken away from them because they were too lazy to extract it first.

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There are legitimate releases that are distributed in .rar files. All official releases from the Warez Scene are in .rar files, always multiple files, usually 15mb in size each. These are packed this way because they were originally distributed on private ftp servers, not in torrents, and the "scene" rules state that all releases must be distributed in original format (to prove it hasn't been altered, nothing added, no trojans or viruses etc.

The best way to get good quality in movies is to find a good source, such as a torrent site that actively deletes and bans members who upload trash like you came across.

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We've had this discussion before. There is still no legitimate purpose being served by archiving the files, it is simply that the Scene is too cumbersome and inflexible to change a rule that stopped serving any purpose years ago. Bittorrent itself already assures that there are no additions or subtractions, far more certainly than any archive can, except that the Scene forbids bittorrent.

They simply do not have a way to say, "hey, everybody, let's change this rule". The Scene is an anarchy with no provision for voting or changing anything.

Scene rules also forbid torrent distribution of their releases in the first place, so the people doing the release are 1) violating Scene rules to do it it all, and 2) being too lazy to unrar it first. There are NO "legitimate" Scene releases via bittorrent.

It makes no sense to claim that Scene rules forbid unrar'ing when the same rules forbid distributing this way in the first place.

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