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Torrents stopping

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I looked to see if this topic was already discussed but i could not find it where it related to a windows 7 pc.

My problem is that when i start my torrents, i come back later and they're stopped. After many times of this happening i thought it was my laptop going into sleep, so i disabled it, but even with that disabled, i wake up this morning and i see my torrents barely moved.

I don't know if this symptom is related to the problem but everytime i start a stopped torrent, it begins to hash check. I have to stop the torrent again, and then start it back for it to continue where it left off.

-no firewall

-wireless belkin router

-dell studio xps 16


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This is probably a combination of a couple of things. It indicates that your system probably crashed, then automatically restarted (which is the default system setting).

Control Panel -> System -> Advanced > on the "Startup and Recovery" tab click Settings, then uncheck "Automatically Restart".

Now, when your system crashes, it will stay crashed until you come back, see it, and can record the information. You need to know that your system is crashing, and you need the information from the crash to figure out why and stop it. Also check your system log for additional information.

In your BitComet options, under TASK, make sure that "auto-resume tasks at program startup" is checked in order to have BitComet resume when it is restarted.

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I don't think my system is crashing because i have other windows open, like notepad and other applications that cannot or do not start automatically at windows startup. When i check my pc, i see that everything is as it was when i left, the only thing that changes is that my torrents stop. But the information you gave was helpful, i agree you need to know about your crashes

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When BitComet starts up and tasks begin in hash-check mode, it means that something made BitComet shut down before it could flush its buffer to disk. All of the tasks that were running are therefore in an unknown state and BitComet must reassess the files to learn what state they are actually in. (Very bad idea to interrupt this process, btw.)

That's usually caused by a system crash.

We can all hope that Microsoft has at last learned to handle problems more gracefully than the BSOD. They have assured me that this is so. They told me when they first released XP -- no more crashes, no more BSOD's. I'm sure it's just coincidence that Windows' default behaviour is to automatically restart after a crash, which covers up the evidence of the crash.

So if you believe Microsoft about this, I have a wonderful bargain for you.

Something catastrophically interrupted BitComet. You say it's not a system crash.


Then you need to look at the system and application logs, and find out what it was.

It would be nice if windows DID behave better after a crash, re-opening all of the apps that were open, generally putting you back where you were when the crash occurred instead of putting you into the "just rebooted" state. Does Win7 do this, at last? Maybe. If it does, then it would re-open notepad, etc. (It's the way Windows should have behaved starting fifteen years ago.)

I would not take this as evidence that it didn't crash, so certain and sure, that I wouldn't bother turning off automatic restart because I know better and it couldn't be that. If it isn't, you haven't lost anything. If it is, you've learned something. And as Will Rogers observed, "It ain't what you don't know that's the problem, It's what you do know, that ain't so."

Whatever you do, you need to figure out why your system shut BitComet down this way.

Having torrents merely stop downloading is an entirely different matter, not the same issue at all.

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I did as you suggested the first time you suggested it which was to take off automatic restart. I also checked the system logs to see if there were any crashes and i can guarantee that my system did not crash in any way. The hash checking issue is not something that bothers me much, i can deal with that no problem, but up to just now my torrents keep stopping after a little while and i did all you suggested

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When you say that the torrents stop downloading, exactly what do you mean? What happens that should not, or does not happen that should? Does the task enter a stopped state, with the appropriate icon? Does the task appear to be downloading but doesn't progress? Exactly what happens?

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here i tell u whats happen

(Prosess 1) after start 3,4 time bitcomet and try to increase and decrease task list no.

Bitcomet take start with good speed for downloadin and after few minutes the speed decrease slowly slowly to ..... ( 0 )

then again i start (Prosses 1)

as u see in screenshot the first task downloading sinc 6 days and all the rest is same (wile they have good seeds and peers on other sites)

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Ok, good example of why you should not jump into somebody else's thread.

We apparently have two completely different problems, but I'm not sure who I'm talking to.

I'm closing this thread. Please start your own, separate threads beginning with the statement of YOUR problem (Not sure any longer whose is whose) and screenshots of the processes. Note that it's important to be clear about what your problem is.

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