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listen port blocked?

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Psst!... he means check out the Wiki BitComet FAQ's... ;)

thx for the help cassie.....

now then kluelos... any chance of an update for the latest version of bitcomet with up to date screen shots has those posts are way old.... i understand its probably the most common question...

but your answer wasnt exactly helpful being "tech staff"

im not having a go at you buddy, but been trying to solve this problem for over a month, which i have fumbled through and now i have a green light using the very out of date posts.....

all it was, was i had "randomise port each start" checked.... i now have it set to a static port to my router....

thx again

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Which "posts" are old?

Are you sure you visited the wiki site?

There are no posts there, only topic pages.

You were pointed towards the wiki site, which has been updated quite often and the info there is as valid for the actual version of BitComet as it was 10 versions ago.

Because nothing has changed since, as far as port forwarding goes, seeing that port-forwarding is not a BitComet-related operation but a router configuration action. It would be exactly the same, if the application you are trying to open a port for, is called Skype, Azureus or whatever else.

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at the bottom of the wiki "I have a yellow status light and my download speeds are slow. What should I do?" there is a link to basic settings guide for bitcomet.....

that link takes you to a link that explains how to set up your bitcomet connection correctly

that picture in the link "basic bitcomet settings" is a lot different to the one i see in the latest version of "bitcomet"

so... that link page hasnt been updated for quite some time guys.... (copied & pasted from bottom of link page... Final Update: 26th August, 2006. Further Proofreading done by BitDave.)

there are alot more features and clickable resources down the side of bitcomet options screen now... so could confuse the odd individual... see my point?

the wiki is spot on... and i had already done all the router settings etc... got the green light, but when i disconnected then reconnected... i got a yellow light... was the bloody tick box for "change port every restart" that had been checked thats all....

anyway, not causing an arguement or anything... just wanted to point that out about the link in the wiki....

thx all for responses

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Yeah, that guide is a bit old.

But that guide is NOT about port forwarding, which your question and topic was about.

That guide is about ESSENTIAL BitComet settings and they indeed have stayed the same, for very many versions.


  • choosing a port number above 49152 so that you are sure that no other application has registered for that port;
  • making sure that your upload speed is capped to 80% of your TESTED upload speed;
  • not running too many tasks at once, in order to NOT spread your upload bandwidth too thin and then appear to any other peer as an undesirable trading partner, which would cause your download speeds to drop dramatically.

Now, you would have to watch out for these, whether you use v.0.70 or v.1.23, just the same. The places where you can do these changes aren't that hard to find, in any of the versions.

There are more guides which are a bit outdated, as far as images go, but they will be updated as time is found, seeing that all the staff members of this forum are unpaid volunteers which donate some of their spare time, in order to keep the forums going.

Updating a guide, may require a little bit of work and time, and seeing that is still serves its purpose, it went at the bottom of the priority queue.

But when anybody of the staff finds that time, I guess it will be done.

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