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Upload speed 0kb on Bitcomet...... wtf.......

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ok... mods i got a tough one for you... I'm having trouble with my BitComet software. My upload speed is 0k and download speed is 150k this surely can't be right. This is what's showing under the 'statistics' button in Bitcomet:


TCP Connections: Established: 10 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 4 [MAX:10]


Windows Firewall: Added

UPnP NAT port mapping: Disabled

Listen Port of TCP: 6887 (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Listen Port of UDP: 6887 (Blocked by Firewall/Router)

I have tried accessing different software to find any networking issue that it might be... nothing.

I have read the guides about port forwarding and green, yellow lights and they say nothing.. i don't wanna look at them anymore,

I have tried re-installing the program.... nothing. I have lost my fast connection and upload speeds and don't know what to do... My internet connection is thru Telstra ADSL and should have a 20MB/sec connection however it's only reaching speeds of 140k..

I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus, BitComet 1.23 and Windows Firewall all on.

getting frustrating when i have 20mb download speed and can only dl at 200k.... upload is 0k...

i swear i just wanna throw the machine..........

thx in advance

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Judging by your speeds I suspect that the torrent might have just a few seeds and no leechs. But I can't tell that for sure since you don't specify. Try a well seeded torrent like Open office.

The statistics show that your port is forwarded for the TCP protocol but not for UDP. Normal BitTorrent only uses TCP. The DHT network uses UDP. So, unless you run a torrent with no trackers you should be fine (I.E. one from the The Pirate Bay index site). Try another port number, above 49152.

You say that you have an ADSL connection, that's usually via a modem that might have NAT or a firewall but, again, you don't specify.

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Your results aren't as bad as you think, since you're not remembering to convert your units. Telstra measures your connection in bits, since that inflates the numbers and sounds bigger. Internet applications measure speed in bytes.

Your connection is not symmetrical. You have 2.5 MB/s downstream, but not nearly so much upstream. However, you don't say what your upstream speed is. If you actually measured it as you should have, you don't say that either.

One very typical cause of your situation is trying to run too many tasks at once. Your upstream speed is divided between all the tasks you're running. If you run too many, none of them gets enough. The result is that you look like a very poor trade partner, so only those who cannot find any better connections are willing to offer you anything. Peers don't look at your overall statistics, they can't even see them. They look only at what you're doing with this specific torrent they're connected to you on. If it looks like you don't upload much or very fast, they'll look for somebody better. Like tends to find like, and you end up with peers on this torrent who are as fast (or as slow) as you are.

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I suggest you run some speedtests and find out exactly what your isp is providing you with. You also need to properly adjust yours settings in bitcomet, but most important is your understanding of the units of measurement. As kluelos pointed out, your misrepresenting the units in your post. You mention having a 20mB download, but it's actually 20mb, not 20mB. If it was really 20mB, then it would be advertised as 160mb.

Your download speed of 200kB/s is 1600kb/s, or about 1.6mb/s. You should be able to download much faster, but as kluelos mentioned you most likely cannot upload nearly as fast, and your ability to upload is determining your download speed.

I recommend you go through our settings guide. It will have you run speed tests and set your limits to work best with your connection speed. When properly tuned, your still going to be limited by your ability to upload, but on very well seeded torrents you will likely see speeds approaching your maximum speed provided by your internet connection, but on average torrents, it's your upload speed that will determine your download speed. Also, exactly why your not seeing any upload could be due to the torrent your running, not a problem with your connection or client.

Also, as Vasy recommended, a good source for a torrent to test your connection with would be to go to openoffice.org and find their p2p page and download one of their torrents. They are all seeded by a commercial server and should download as fast as you can get it, making it a good test. Additionally, it's a great application bundle and completely free.

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