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Someone please help!

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Oh my god, Hey. Uhmm.. I'm so lost like all I wanna do is download Limewire Pro, XXXXXXXX, an a bunch of Matt Damon movies.. So like it downloaded Limewire pro but then I needed a password an I just gave up on that..I was in the middle of downloading The office an my computer shut down an I started it back up an I resumed the download but its not downloading anymore, what did I do?? I've been desperately trying to download XXXXXXXXXXX from Limewire Basic and I can't seem to find it so I moved up in the game an ventured into Bit torrenting. I feel like such a newwwwwb. If someone could please help me, pretty pretty please I'd love you forever. I don't know if you can add people as friends on here but GOD I feel like a eighty year old woman trying to learn how to facebook. f***.



P.S. Try not to be rude when responding.. :(

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First off you want to stay away from Limewire in general. They were just hit by the courts and they have other issues with tracking. On top of that any file the requires a password is usually a fake.

As for the office download right click on it and select manual hash check. When the check is down you should be able to start the download again. If not did you save the .torrent file or just open it?

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Take a look at our Guides and Tutorials forum, you will find lots of helpful information including some written for people in just your situation.

But in the meantime ... this forum is for questions and discussion about CometBird, which is a web browser. This topic is being moved to the BitComet general discussion area. Please try to post in the correct forum.

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The BitComet Wiki would be a good place to start for getting acquainted with BitTorrent in general and BitComet in particular. You could also read these brief descriptions of BitTorrent (to get a short description of its concept and why it's called peer-to-peer) and BitComet, if you want to get a general idea about them.

What interests you particularly, at this point, would be these topics:

Download and Install BitComet (in case you haven't gotten to doing that already);

Using BitComet to Download Torrents;

Using BitComet to Download Files (HTTP/FTP protocols);

Using BitComet to Download Online Video

Also, any other questions that will surface from this point on, try searching for an answer in the Wiki FAQ section first, since all of the questions asked frequently on the forum have been granted a topic in that section.

If you still can't find the answer to a particular question you have, you can always come back here and post it (make sure that you do it in the right section).

Other than that, happy torrenting!

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