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why are all my torrent links not working?


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That list isn't kept up to date very well, and sites come and go without notice.

I don't use it at all. I use my regular browser (Firefox) to find and bookmark the torrent sites I'm interested in or find valuable. Since the list of sites in Bitcomet is not under my control, my favorites could vanish at any time, so it's better all around to just use my browser.

Most of the time I don't even have that pane visibile. (Uncheck "Favorites" under the "VIEW" menu).

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here it is listed pitate bay.its not downloadable for me.shows 0 seeds,peers and remain o% downloadable for me.

but one of my friend always downloading farely with torrenz site but not agree to tell whats is the trick.

how can i download from torrentz the exact site ? any hint?pl do not mind my stupid quetion as i am very new in this regard.

thanx for expected reply.

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Bittorrent uploads are different. They don't come from some big site with a huge server somewhere.

They come from you.

What you download comes from somebody else with a computer just like yours and a connection just like yours. This is why it's called "peer-to-peer", and why it is important that you upload as well as download.

When I create and upload a torrent, I will seed it for a while, but then I expect others to take over -- others who, having downloaded it, will continue to seed it for a while, then hand it off to the next group. There are torrents that I created and uploaded which are still running fine without me, almost five years later.

But that doesn't always happen, for a variety of reasons. A torrent that no longer has anyone to seed it is "dead", and will eventually be dropped by the tracker. Maybe you can leave a message somewhere asking for someone to come back and see it, and that sometimes works. If it doesn't though, there's nothing else you can do. This torrent will never complete. You'll need to look for this material in a different torrent.

Sites that aggregate torrents in one place are called "index" sites. They aren't necessarily the same as trackers. The Pirate Bay is one such site, but they are not responsible for seeding the torrents they aggregate. That's up to the community, you and me.

There are many index sites and many trackers. Some, like The Pirate Bay, are public and anyone can join. Others are private and require an invitation.

Sites like torrentz.eu are called "aggregators", and they have nothing on their own, they just point to OTHER index sites. Generally they don't do this very well, and you can get better results by going to that site to do your searching. Another good aggregator is stickley.com

If you are outside the USA or know how to use a proxy, try Isohunt.com as well.

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thankx bitcomet tech support for your support.though i reply and give thanks to you after so many yearsbut to day i have seen your good reply.

but now i know everything about torrents download .and how to use it for me and seed for others.no doubt like me many poor person who can not utilies ,money

for buying costly software only for personal or home entertainment use only but not commercially.i always love bitcomet.

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We're glad that you have learned about the world of torrenting. I'm sure that the developers also feel proud that someone else can appreciate all of their hard work.

Continue to happily use BitComet and happy torrenting! :-)

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