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Free trial require "80000 score"?


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do you really think that your "free trial" ,it's actually a free trial ?

80000 score :) this means 80000/120(points a day)=666 days :P almost 2 years of using bitcomet every day getting the maximum points

I'm wondering how many users have this score ?!?!

If you really want to give some free experience to users you must low down your demand...if not, is just a way to make users taking the risk and pay you money before testing ...a service that anyway doesn't work as promise.

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The site tells me I don't have enough points but I have over 8000 . Is this to due to the problems you guys are having? I love BitComet. I just wanted to try the new bandwith before I buy to see if its going to be worth it. So on the 14th it will be back up. Is this right? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: B)

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robbi59, you need 80 000 points for free VIP, not 8 000

kluelos, you can answer more to the point...by points he mean score, he join Bitcomet on june 2010 and he can't have ranking 8000. also Lucy26 refer to score as points, few lines up

anyway I didn't find any answer to my question. if you have an answer I'm happy to hear...answer to the point, how many users have over 80 000 score(points) ?

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