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heey evrybody,

when i go to torrent collection in bitcomet, bitcomet doesnt work anymore at the top of the screen it says: Doesnt react (in my translation then) I dont know if this is the good translation. But can anybody help me?

Extra info:

Version of Bitcomet: 1.25

I have a modem and a router but that isnt the problem.

I use windows 7 and Avast Antivuris.

Thank you!

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It sounds to me the error your seeing is "not responding", which is a windows error and could be caused by several things, such as low on system resources, or there could be problems with your system, or a problem with bitcomet installation.

First thing I'd do is try running only bitcomet after rebooting your computer and see if you still have the problem. If so, then open task manager and look at the processes tab and find bitcomet and see how much memory its using. Also reply with the amount of ram memory your system has, and the processor it has.

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thank you but thats not the solution, Bitcomet worked just perfectly fine and then suddenly it does this. but i looked at what you said and when he's not responding it is using 126.000 kb, when i count all the processes it is only 50% of my processor use and 32% of my fysik memory. I Have 3GB of RAM, and i have an Intel® Core2 duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz 6.67GHz. any other solutions?

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The torrent "collection" is composed of torrents that other people have decided to offer to share. These are just the .torrent files and not the contents

An essential part of torrent-sharing is that this other person has to be online right now in order to offer or share anything. You can't download from somebody who isn't there to upload it to you.

So it's a fundamental understanding that the list must be discarded when you shut down, and then rebuilt from the torrents offered by people who are actually online at the time you reconnect.

Preserving the list of torrents offered by people who were online back then, whenever the list was saved, would be useless because those torrents became unavailable when those people went offline. Therefore, no, there is nothing that can be done about the issue.

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