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Download Speed slows

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Hye all..

i've been trying following the guide http://www.cometforums.com/topic/533-bitcomet-settings-guide/, but my speed seems to be slow..

this is my bitcomet SS


1. i'm using bitcomet v1.25

2. My ISP is ADSL TM Streamyx - Malaysia

3. I'm using Wireless G + Modem Router , D-LINK DSL-2640B, FW-GE (UpNP enable)

4. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit, with KIS 2011

5. This is my internet speed


hope someone can help..thanks..

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Do you have an open port?

by using this tools https://grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2, it shows i have an open port..


What did you set your max upload speed to?

i've set my upload speed to 37kB/s, (calculated by referring to my speedtest.net)..

Do you have any remote peers?

what do you meant by "remote peers"..??..i don't think i have touch anything on that on my settings..

How many seeds/peers are there per this task?

Seed : 2 out of 8

Peers : 2 of 321

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Is your download speed slow with ANY torrent or just with this one?

"Remote peers" are peers which ended up connected to you as a result of THEIR initiation of the connection. Or to put it in other words, it is them not you who started the connection. You can check the type of connection initiation in the Peers tab, Initiation column.

Having any "remote" peers for a task shows that you actually have an open port and therefore other peers can connect to you, which opens the possibility of reaching maximum speeds (if all other necessary conditions are met).

What percentage shows the "Availability" value in the Summary tab?

From your previous post it looks as the most important settings of your client are in order, therefore we need to clear up if this is a torrent with poor availability (where slow speeds are to be expected) and your client actually runs better with other torrents or if there may be another problem that we overlooked.

So, you should try to add to your tasklist a very well seeded task such as the Open Office torrent or a well-known Linux distro and see at what speeds that downloads.

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  • 4 weeks later...

i noticed that, the download speed for video or movies is much much slower than downloading other files (etc .iso)..

i manage to get full speed when downloading games, but as for videos, it becomes 16-20kb/s even though the availability is up to 1k%..

why is this..?..

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Your downloads via bittorrent are coming from other people just like you, with computers like yours and connections like yours.

Your speed is critically dependent on how many of them there are, how many are interested in this torrent, how fast their connections are, how easily they can reach you and how much noise they pick up on the way, a whole host of factors beyond your control.

Each torrent's speed is an individual thing unto itself, because of this. It has no correlation with what sort of material the torrent contains.

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I'll add that Maylasia internet providers are well known for throttling bittorrent connections.

I'd recommend you enable protocol encryption. You might want to try setting it to "forced", but this will limit you to only peers that have it enabled. On a torrent with a large number of peers this shouldn't be a problem, but if there are few peers you might need to change the setting if your unable to connect to a sufficient number of them. I can't say for sure if this will help you, but it's worth a try.

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hye mod..

i'm facing a new problem here..why that my UDB and TCP tracker showing no response..? this has lead to a slower download speed as you can see in the attachments..

all the ports are open but i the TCP and UDP still not getting any response..i notice that this happens to all my tasks..even, when i re-download the tasks, is still the same..??..is this have something to do with my settings..?




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To put it simply, the author of this torrent was an idiot, or to be kind, he just didn't understand how torrents work.

First problem is that thepiratebay doesn't use a tracker anymore, so that shouldn't even be there. The dennisstalker tracker may also be offline, as I haven't seen any torrents tracked there in a very long time.

The remaining trackers are working, but you shouldn't be trying to connect to them with both udp and http both. The trackers don't want to double the work they have to do so there is no point to trying to announce once in udp and again in http. In this case, it's accepted which was first in line and rejected the second attempt.

Unfortunately, it's common for novice torrent authors to just add trackers to their torrents, even if there is no benefit and this greatly annoys tracker admins who have unregistered torrents constantly trying to connect. I'd delete any non-working trackers and you should be fine, this isn't a problem and won't effect your performance.

Your speed will be determined by the peers available, your ability to upload, and using the proper settings to match your connection.

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thanks for the reply, you can also notice there is an "DNS error"...is this also explains that the torrent provider doesn't use tracker anymore..??

if that's the case, what torrent provider that can be regard as reliable..??

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DNS (domain name server) error could be caused by many things, but most likely is a web address that doesn't exist anymore.

Most public websites will have a lot of torrents like this on them, but the quality of the content is more important then if the person adds invalid trackers to it. There are some websites that legitimately combine trackers from torrents with identical hash values, like IsoHunt. That is a good source for public torrents, but their service is quite limited if your on a USA connection, due to new law suit restrictions.

If you want a torrent site that is relatively safe, then I'd recommend Demonoid.me. You can use it as a guest, but if you want full access, then you're going to have to visit daily until registrations or open, or find a member in good standing to send you an invitation code.

Then of course there is the worlds largest, thepiratebay.org.

I prefer private tracker communities. Most require that you are invited by a member in good standing, and that you maintain a good ratio of upload. On most private sites, the chance of downloading fake or infected torrents is almost zero, but if you're not willing to help share the files after download, then you won't be welcome in most.

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