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Bitcomet downloading extra 10% ?


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I downloaded a torrent but at the end I notice I have an extra 500+ megabytes downloaded.

As you will see in the pictures attached, I'm not the kind of guy that can handle few extra megs of download (meaning my Internet sucks) so maybe someone can tell me what is this or how to make sure it won't happen again?

Pay attention to the pictures, the extra megs downloade aren't dropped data or anything else.



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You'll have to wait for the dev team to return from the New Year's vacation to get a straight answer. I haven't seen this particular situation you have, before.

Usually, any excess data is shown in the Dropped data category (i.e. it's garbage data which failed hash-check) but in your case there is only 77.62MB of that, so the rest of excess data seems to be in one of the other categories.

It will take someone from the team to check if there is a bug which fails to place garbage data downloaded with one of the ED2K and LT-Seeding protocols, into the Dropped data category or if they are simply downloading the same data as BT redundantly.

Does this happen with other torrents as well or only with this one?

If it happens with several torrents, I suggest that you disable LT-Seeding and the eMule plugin and see if you still have excess data which doesn't fall into the Dropped data category.

If yes, it will mean that the bug is into the BT data counter itself, if not at least you'll be able to report that it's one of the other two protocols which is responsible for that.

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I have some suggestions that should work well for someone on a very slow internet connection. Some features are designed to speed up downloads, but they require sufficient bandwidth to do this,

go to: tools>Options>Services

Uncheck all the boxes. You can leave "login comet passport" if you want your rank and points to continue to increase, but this does require some bandwidth.

go to: tools>Options>Task>BTtask

Uncheck DHT network and torrentshare

go to: tools>Options>task>EDtask

disable edonkey/emule plugin

go to: tools>Options>task>LTseed

disable LTseed

Note: some of these features have slightly different names depending on the version your using.

If your running a strong healthy torrent on a very slow connection, then this should help your download speed. With all these enabled, your using a lot of overhead to ask for data that you cannot even accept, so your losing all efficiency. If a torrent is healthy, then it should easily supply you with your maximum download speed, assuming your able to upload to peers equally. This will also prevent some of the problems your having if my theory is correct.

Now, lets assume it does help you on healthy torrents, but you get a torrent that isn't as healthy. First step I'd recommend is to enable dht, and see if you acquire more peers. Let it run for about 20-30mins and see if that helps. You can also try this with LTseed. Either of these can potentially rescue a dying torrent, or greatly speed up a healthy one, but as I mentioned, there is no point in requesting 100mbit of download when you can't even handle 1mbit, and you can get more then that from most any popular torrent.

I hope my message is clear and easy to understand. On the surface it may seem to contradict itself because technology to increase your speed requires an internet connection that can handle that speed, which you don't have.

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