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really dumb question

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I've downloaded some stuff which I can watch if I press play on the bitcomet window.

But how do I move it to my desktop to get onto a disk?

I can't find the files anywhere on my computer. They only seem to exist in the bitcomet interface and I can't drag them to my desktop.

Any help gratefully recieved

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To answer your question would be difficult because you failed to provide the very basic info we require to make a support request, so rather then posting solutions for every possible windows version and bitcomet version and user account controls you may have enabled, why don't you tell us what your using so we can help you.

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thanks for the reply.


I'm using bitcomet 1.25 on windows 7 with a normal broadband connection.

I'm not sure if you need info about the modem etc.

I have no problems downloading stuff.

But if you do please let me know and I will get it for you.

It's a wireless router anyhow.

I just can't fathom where the files are kept on my computer if I want to put them on disk!

If I want to play the files I simply press the play button next to the title in the bitcomet window which is packed full of all sorts of info.

I press play, it launches vcl and bingo, I'm watching.

But if I want to give that file to a friend how do I go about doing that?

I highlighted a title, right clicked and pressed 'save as' and saved to desktop but all it saved was the torrent, not the actual file.

I know I'm doing something really stupid and obvious but can't for the life of me work out what.

Any help gratefully received.

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BitComet's downloads are stored in the default download location. That is specified in the program's options.

Look at those. It will repay you to spend some time exploring them on your own.

Right now, look at the "Directories" branch. Select it and you'll see where files are currently stored unless you choose to store them somewhere else. So there's this default location,(which you can set to wherever you'd like), but you can change the storage location for each individual torrent, if you want to. It's easier to just download them all here, then move them to other locations after they're downloaded, but you can do it either way.

When you say, "on disk", it gets very confusing, because it's ALL on your disk drives somewhere or other. (Even your desktop is stored on your disk, in a folder named "Desktop").

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