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I have just upgraded to version 3.6.13, after having to re-install Windows XP from scratch. I am unable to enable the 'Remember Paswords' for form filling etc. This worked fine on the older version.

The facility in Firefox works fine, which is odd seeing that CometBird uses the same engine. It also works with Opus and Avant.

Is there a 'fix' for this problem.

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Ok, then I don't understand. "unable to enable ..." you said, but then, "options are checked".

Sounds like on the one hand, you can't check the "remember passwords" box, but on the other hand, you can.

What exactly is the problem you're having?

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The problem I'm getting is that although all the options are checked to enable 'Password Remember', it does not actually work. No option to 'Remember/Not This Time/Never This Site' appears after first signing into a site (including this forum).

Next time I try to sign in, all Usernames and Passwords have to be entered.

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You can try running CometBird in safe mode and reverting everything to default to see if anything changes.

To do this go Start, then Run(search for it if it's not there) post-53701-12941631124002.png Type

cometbird -safe-mode

in there and select OK.

Then you should see this post-53701-12941632010252.png

Check everything and select "Make Changes and Restart"

If that doesn't work you can look for a password manager add-on like LastPass and use that instead.

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Please go into your saved password list and delete your current passwords for any sites that it doesn't work on, then when visiting that sight and logging in, you should get the option to save the password again.

I've noticed the same problem except on firefox (not cometbird), and this fixes it.

I can't say for sure, but I think there is something slightly incompatible about the way older versions of firefox/cometbird saved the passwords. However, even if the password doesn't enter into the field as it normally should, it will usually appear if you begin to type it.

Hope this works for you.

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