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You are not very clear in what you say. Moderators, moderate only this forum. None of us are part of the development team, save for Lucy, who is the team's liaison with the English speaking community.

None of us have more privileges regarding the use of BitComet as a client, than you do.

The development team is the only one (the admins of the servers) which has access to the CometID servers, where your account profile data is being located. There is not, to our knowledge, any feature in BitComet that will link your CometID to your downloaded tasks.

Think about it logically. With over 2.5 million BitComet users, tracking everyone's downloads would amount to a huge database, very quickly. And to what purpose could that serve? To whom?

It looks to me that's just FUD spread by misinformed or malicious people.

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That's really pretty silly, and you'd have to know absolutely nothing about bittorrent in order to accept it.

It's also something like being afraid to use a download manager because whoever wrote it could somehow track all of your downloads, or be afraid of using FireFox because then the Mozilla people would know all of the sites you visit.

Could they have built a reporting function into Firefox? Undoubtedly.

But then it would have to report back to them on your activities.

That takes bandwidth.

Add everybody else up and it takes a massive amount of bandwidth, far more traffic than even EBay gets at its busiest moments.

Someone would have to pay for that, and pay a lot.

Just for idle speculation, go and look up the monthly charge for an internet connection that could handle it, say a few T3 lines. NONE of that would be profitable, it's all huge monthly expenses that you can't justify to your stockholders.

You would also notice that your browser seems to be spending a lot of time doing things you never asked it to, and eating a lot of your own bandwidth in reporting on you. That couldn't be hidden from all of us all of the time.

Eh, paranoia doesn't require a reason for fear, else it wouldn't be paranoia.

You can learn everything there is to know about bittorrent if you want to, since it's an open, public standard. You just have to be willing to learn. It's good to do so, because there is a huge amount of falsehood out there, about bittorrent and its various clients, which all amounts to nothing more than unreasoning hysteria.

You need to be wary of whom you trust, and your friend just disqualified himself.

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If you read our privacy and user agreements you'll see that the only stats recorded are you total time online and your total amount downloaded. Any information about a specific download that is used is submitted completely anonymously, and is only used to help other users to download the files. No information about specific downloads is linked to your comet ID account, and your Comet ID account isn't linked to your actual identity, so you have two layers of protection.

For the ultra paranoid users, you can simply decline to use the Comet ID system and disable "search for mirrors", this will exclude you from any of our services to help speed up your downloads, and exclude you from helping others as well. This "in effect" will reduce you to the performance of any other bittorrent client and disable all of BitComets advanced features that make it one of the most advanced download tools available. However someone that paranoid shouldn't be using peer 2 peer downloading because there is no way to prevent the other peers you connect to from knowing what your downloading.

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