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I've meet 2 bugs I think


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I'm using Windows 7 x64 Turkish and BitComet 1.25

My English is not very good, so i'm going to write an example step to step.

-First bug in "Batch Download"

1. Open http://www.bitcomet.com/

2. Rigt click

3. Click "Download all links with BitComet" (I'm able to use this command over Chrome with DM-Bridge extension)

4. BitComet's "Batch Download" window should appear...

5. To select certain files, Filter Image (or select certain files directly)

6. Download them to your default "Save Path" now.

7. They should be downloaded at your default "Save Path"

8. Execute steps 1 to 5 again. (select same files in step 5)

9. Now, Enter a new "Save Path". For example type "c:\test" in "Save Path"

10. Click "Download Now".

11. A window should appear: "Task exists. Current task progress: 100%"

12. Click "Re-download" ("Download" button should be inactive)

13. Click "Re-download" for others...

14. Open C: when the downloads complete.

15. Search for folder you've written to BitComet: c:\test

16. Oh no, there is a problem: Folder doesn't exists.

Because BitComet downloads them to their old "Save Path".

I think, this can be described as a bug. Because it should download them to the new "Save Path", too.

At least, it's a big problem for me to download common lessons' pdf documents to separate classes' folders.

-Second bug: Language selection except English and Main Window's behaviors

1. Select "English" in the Tools>Language menu.

2. In the left panel of the Main Window, there should be "All Downloads", "Torrent History", "Torrent Exchange", "Torrent Sites", "Free Online Games" under Channels.

3. In the right side of the up panel, there should be a search bar allowing selection for some sites (ThePirateBay, TorrentRoom, ...)

4. Now, select "Turkish" in the Tools>Language>Others menu. (Why "others" by the way?)

5. In the left panel of the Main Window, "Torrent Sites" and "Free Online Games" under Channels should be disappeared.

6. In the right side of the up panel, selection for some sites should be not-working.

7. I think, there's a bug here.

Thank you for reading...

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Hi, addressing your first report.

When you try to download a task that exists, it warns you that you've already downloaded this so the "new" task is never created (the new task being the one you intended to download to "c:\test". Then when you select "redownload", your telling bitcomet to redownload the original task, not the "new" task which doesn't exist.

I suggest you remove the old task if you would like to download the same files again except to a new location. However, simply moving the files would be much easier.

The fact that bitcomet checks to see if you have already downloaded the files is a feature, and it happens to work in this way so that it stops you from duplicating the task. However with all features, we can't make it work the way every single person wants it to work and if we changed it to function like you want it to, we would probably get even more complaints that it doesn't work the way it exists now. However, if you want to make a feature request, we do have a section here in the forum for that. Perhaps an advanced setting to ignore the "task exists" check. I honestly don't think it would be a popular thing to use because most people would want to know if they were duplicating their downloads unnecessarily, but your free to suggest it.

Regarding your language questions. "why others?" This seems obvious. We have the most used languages in the menu, and the lesser used languages in a sub-menu. This seems like the most logical way to do it in my opinion. If you consider that the percentage of the world that speaks turkish is very small, so we moved it to the sub-menu with other less used languages. The entire list of supported languages is quite large and to put them all in the main menu would make the list far too large to fit the users window.

Regarding the bug your trying to describe:

The reason why you feel the links should be "not-working", and other items should be "disappeared" eludes me.

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I think that the problem is that changing languages does not work consistently. (Good catch, btw, guiwankenobi!)

Have a look at the Favorites pane with the setting on English. Notice "Free Online Games". Notice that's the end of the menu. I'll call this the "English Version"

Now change the language to "Spanish" and check this pane again. Notice that the menu headings themselves have changed, that instead of "Free Online Games" there is "Popular Sites" (in English, not in Spanish), and "BitComet Home Page", again in English, not Spanish, added to the menu. I'll call this the "Spanish Version"

This happens the same way in, e.g, German. (But notice that "Tools" has become "Extras" and not "Werkzeuge", which is just bound to cause confusion at best.) You get the Spanish Version

Now select "Other->Dutch" as the language. Note that the Favorites Pane is the Spanish Version.

Select "Other-Turkish" as the language. Now the Favorites pane is showing the English Version.

Whatever the reason is for having the Spanish Version -- and I'll concede it's probably valid since the online games are not available in Spanish -- the menus should be consistent, for the games aren't available in Turkish either.

Also, these two menu headings should be included in the translations for all languages.

I am still not sure what is meant by #6, "selection for some sites should be not-working", though.


(I keep the Favorites pane unchecked always, so it's not visible to me, but while I'm here the site list is sadly in need of maintenance. Mininova should have been removed a long time ago as they are under strict court orders and are no longer a general interest site. I have no doubt that there are others in need of exclusion or inclusion.)

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@The UnUsual Suspect

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, i've already thought your solution (moving files or deleting tasks) but it's not useful for downloading hundreds of -for example- computer lessons' pdf files. They can be the same file but they have to be placed in separate lessons directory. Determining, finding and copying them will take greater time than leaving it to program does automatic.

Returning to the language matter, you've definetely missing knowledge about Turkish and World Languages. There are at least 83 millions of people who speaks (more info) Turkey's Turkish, at least 250 millions of people who speaks Turkic languages (dialects of Turkish) (more info) in the world. Turkic languages (Azerbaijani, Turkmen, ...) are very similar to Turkey's Turkish (because we're from the same tribe) that people speak each other and understand very easily.

I'm selecting lower one, Turkey's Turkish: 83 million

If mathematics goes down, and if;

12 million > 83 million, then you can say Bulgarian is spoken greater than Turkish. (more info about Bulgarian)

27 million > 83 million, then you can say Dutch is spoken greater than Turkish. (more info about Dutch)

70 million > 83 million, then you can say Italian is spoken greater than Turkish. (more info about Italian)

40 million > 83 million, then you can say Polish is spoken greater than Turkish. (more info about Polish)

You're of course free to place what you want in your software but you wrote wrong about my language, i've corrected it. That's all.

Have a good day.


Thanks for the reply.

I've added a screenshot about #6. (here.JPG)



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My best guess is that the translations in the first list were made earlier than those in the "Others" list. As more translations were added the list got bigger and so the Others section was needed.

The problems you see may be due to the fact that your language translation is either not complete or not done properly. If you're willing to aid in the translation of BitComet, you can find the translation page here.

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Interesting facts about your language. I'm sorry if I underestimated the number of people who speak "Turkey's Language" or "Turkish". I know it's small when compared with up to 1.8billion who speak English, or even more who speak Chinese Mandarin, but if I misrepresented it, then I offer my apology to all the fine people who speak it.

I didn't design the way our GUI displays the languages, but I suspect it was done this way in priority of our users, not world population. It may be that the Turkish language was added at a later date, so was listed as "other", or it may be that we just don't have as many Turkish users of bitcomet. I can't tell you for your country, but the top ten countries are as follows.

Chinese mainland(9.27%), Japan (8.5%), Taiwan (7.03%), Thailand (6.07%), Poland (6.03%), Bulgaria (5.79%), Spain(4.78%), United States (4.64%), United Kingdom (4.17%), and Hong Kong (4.17%).

It is possible that the widespread use of your language was overlooked by our development team, and your welcome to put in a feature request to have it moved to the "primary" list of languages. If it truly is more popular then some listed, then it would be a logical thing to do, but I can't say if the development team will be willing to make a change, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Another option you can request is to have a file/s download location be able to save to multiple locations. I can't imagine this being a popular option personally, but your free to request it.

You could also do the moving of the files with a simple (dos type) .bat file.

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Can we get the appropriate Tree Headings in the Favorites pane included in the list of "things that get translated"

Can we get the correct Favorites menu shown when the language selection is Turkish?

These are two bugs that need fixing.

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