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There have been no significant changes or additions to the bittorrent protocol since 0.70 was released, so in that sense it will continue to fully serve you without an upgrade. And it certainly is rock-solid.

However, BitComet has been developing in other directions, adding other features. Some of these are related, like the activity timer which lets you tell BitComet not to download or to limit its bandwidth usage during certain parts of the day or week. Some are slightly related, like letting you get some of your download via the ed2k/eDonkey network, if available. Some are unrelated, like an http/ftp downloader integrated with your browser. If you don't upgrade you obviously miss out on all of these. They may not matter to you, though.

It is your choice, but you wouldn't be alone in preferring the stability over the new features.

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One important feature in newer versions is LTseed. This can greatly speed up your downloading and in some cases even allow you to complete an unseeded task, and in turn share the completed files with the rest of the swarm.

Version .70 is a stable bittorrent client and I'll add that it functions very well even if not installed, so you might want to consider installing the latest version and get the .zip version of .70 from our archives. You can run the .zip without installing so you can continue to use the classic version if you desire, and have the option to use the new features developed into the current version.

I do however caution against trying to run both versions at the same time.

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