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Problems with yellow light


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1) What version of BitComet are you using? Version 1.25

2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)? I got ADSL from telenor.

3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port? Using a Zyxel P-2602HWT-F3 modem. Yes i've forwarded my ports.

5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use? Windows xp 2002 sp 3. Using avast as antivirus and the only firewall i got is the zyxel firewall.

Ok my problem is: As i've said i've forwarded my bitcomet listenport but still sometimes i get the yellow light in bitcomet saying it's blocked. I dont have the best inet speed out there so it's important for me that i get the best possible speed, as of now i'm only downloading at 180 Kb/s. I was at 250 last week but i dont know.. suddenly im back to the 180 Kb/s so i'm thinking maybe i've done something wrong in the port forwarding phase. I followed a port forward guide that is designed only for my modem so everything should be right i dont understand why i get the yellow light sometimes. i'm a noob at this field.. i just want the best download speed so i'll post screenshots.




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When you get a yellow light, check if you have any Remote peers for at least one of the running torrents.

If yes, then it means that your port is open and the yellow light is due to a detection fault in BitComet.

Starting with v.1.26 BitComet will take into account the presence of Remote peers automatically and adjust the status of the port automatically (in case of erroneous detection).

But in v.1.25 you can check that manually, in the Peers tab.

If you don't get any Remote peers when having a yellow light (even if you let it run a little and have 1-2 torrents running) then it means that you may really have a port problem.

But the fact that you're telling us that you forwarded your port is irrelevant. If you did it correctly, then you'll have an open port.

If you find out that you don't have an open port then it means you didn't do it correctly and you'll need to describe each step you took and give details on the settings you used (local IP set static or not, UPnP enabled/disable in router, BitComet & Windows, etc.)

Last but not least, it's not a very good idea to use a port number from the range of well-known ports (0-1023) or registered ports (1024-49151). Use instead a port number from the ephemeral/dynamic range (49152-65535) which will grant you that the application you configure won't compete and get into conflict with another application already installed on your PC.

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Understand that the port number you use makes no difference at all to BitComet or its performance. Wiz was advising you that, for the sake of avoiding confusion and possible blocking, you use a port in the higher range. It's not a big deal, or urgent, or the first thing to look at, it's just a good idea.

You said, though, that sometimes you get a yellow light.

This variation most often means that you neglected to set a static IP address for your computer's connection to your router. Most routers will, for security reasons, only open a port to a specific IP address. Your computer must be at that address where the port is being held open. If you leave the computer set to use a dynamic address, then it will change. Sometimes you may happen to get the address where the router is holding the port open, and you get a green light. Other times, you will get some other address where the port isn't open, and you get the yellow light because your listen port is blocked.

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Yes i've followed a "speed up bitcomet" guide and it told me to fix a static ip adress for best possible download speed and to make it easier to open the ports if im not wrong. So maybe all of this got something to do with the static ip then??

Edit: when i start a torrent with yellow light it still says "53 of 4200" connected peers. But still i got slower download speed then last week when i had the green light ;/

Edit x2: I know you said it didn't matter if i changed my listen port but i did anyways so the new port is 1020 but didn't make much difference.

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told me to fix a static ip adress for best possible download speed and to make it easier to open the ports

Static IP address won't increase your download speed and won't make it easier to open your port. What it does is helps your port to stay open.

I will overly simplify this to give you a basic idea why you want a static IP address. Imagine "you" live on #10 first street and "you" represent one of your computers. at #12 first street is another computer and the mailman represents your router. He happily delivers his mail to you at #10 every day. Then one day you restart your computers and suddenly your computer is at #12, and the mailman (router) continues to try to deliver to #10, but all you deliveries are refused.

When you set a static IP address, then every time your computer starts it will always be at the same address. This is the ONLY reason you want a static IP address. It won't make anything faster, and won't make opening your ports easier, it will only prevent your computer from suddenly changing addresses.

when i start a torrent with yellow light it still says "53 of 4200" connected peers.

This means out of all your torrents, the trackers are reporting a total of 4200 peers and you have successfully connected to 53 of them. This information doesn't mean very much by itself and could be normal.

Also, you maximum speed will be limited by your internet connection speed, your ability to upload, and the quality of peers and number of peers you connect to. Some torrents won't be fast no matter what you do, so the best you can do is use the optimal settings and you will get the best speeds ONLY when you are connected to healthy torrents. You cannot judge a torrent to be healthy only by the number of peers because there are good peers and bad peers.

A bad peer is one that is either unwilling or unable to upload much data, and the way bittorrent protocol works, it will match you with equal peers. the best peers connect to the best, the worst to the worst. In some cases you might get lucky and have a lot of really good peers that have no one else to trade with and your performance will be well above average, and other times there will be only bad peers.

To be the best peer you can be with your internet connection, you should make sure you have sufficient bandwidth for communications. Generally its best to use 80% of your total upload speed for sending data and 20% reserved for communications. If your not using the internet connection for anything else you might even want to bring that up to 85-90%, but if you go too high, you'll be slow to reply to requests and the best peers will pass you by.

Finding the perfect balance is the trick.

so the new port is 1020 but didn't make much difference.

No, it won't make any difference, but if you want to pick a port that you are sure that no other application will use or cause any conflicts, then pick any random number in the 50,000 to 60,000 range.

There is a specific port range reserved for bittorrent, but it's a very bad idea to use them because many ISPs restrict or block these ports, this is why we recommend using an unregistered port which I just gave you ten thousand to chose from.

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Look. do yourself a big favor? Change your listen port to 65432. It meets all of the requirements and recommendations and is really hard to forget -- start at 6, count backwards.

Then forever after forget the issue of which port to use.


Yes, it has something to do with setting a static IP address. This is a critical, obligatory, necessary, mandatory step which cannot be omitted, yet people keep treating it as optional, and they keep reporting the same problems you report as a proximate result for exactly the same reasons.

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