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VIP acceleration is like a friend with a really fast system and fast connection who is ALSO downloading the torrent and sending pieces he downloads directly to you. VIP Acceleration doesn't try to disguise itself as you.

To the torrent server, the VIP Acceleration server will look like just another peer. The IP it uses should not be of the least concern to you, UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO USE VIP Acceleration ON A PRIVATE TORRENT.

VIP Acceleration does not work on private torrents or private trackers. The things that it does, do not track, or trace or "attribute" to you at all. It does not know and cannot use your membership key, etc. Nobody knows who the VIP Acceleration server is actually downloading anything for.

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bittorrent protocol doesn't use a server. Your downloading from peers NOT from any server. However when using our VIP service you will be connected to our servers that will request pieces on your behalf and send them to you. Ideally this will greatly speed up your download, but some common sense is required in that we cannot create data that doesn't exist. For example, if your torrent has no seeders and all the peers are stuck at 50%, enabling vip won't help you at all. The cases where vip will be of the most benefit is if your upload speed is quite limited. Lets assume you are capable of downloading at 1000kB/s and you can only upload at 100kB/s. On an average torrent your download speed will be close to your upload speed of 100kB/s, but if you enable VIP, our servers are capable of uploading at speeds far exceeding any residentual internet connection so we can download the data in a fraction of the time it would take you and then send it to you as fast as your connection will allow.

As far as other peers getting your IP address, this is very possible because VIP service enhances your bittorrent downloads, it doesn't replace it.

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