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Bitcommet completely crashing my internet:( help

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1) BitComet v1.25

2) Rogers cable

3) Modem: Webstar dpx2100. Router: Linksys wrt54g. Forwarded port: yes

4) The modem is connected to the router. One of the computers is connected to the router by a cable and there is my laptop that is connected wirelessly

5) Windows 7 home premium 64bit(on laptop which i use to download), and windows firewall, no antivirus.

6) The problem is with every torrent on both computer

7) 1124492706.png

So here's the problem. Whenever i try to download a torrent on bitcommet it starts downloading reaches a fast download speed but then drops down all the way to 0kb/s upload and download speeds. When this happens the internet on my web browser also doesn't work and my internet connection icon on the bottom right of the screen get's a attention sign on it (yellow triangle with "!" in the middle). A few seconds later the internet reconnects and starts doing this all over. I had bitcommet for a long time and downloaded alot of torrents and this never used to happen, its a new problem. The same thing happens on both computer (connected wirelessly and through a cable). I've also tried limiting my upload speed to 40kb/s but that didnt do anything. Any help would be very appreciated! This problem makes downloading any torrent impossible as it spends more time reconnecting then downloading :(

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Exactly what was changed when this new problem appeared?

My first thought would be either a really horrible router, or perhaps defective, but if you made any change to anything when this happened, then we need to know this info. If the problem suddenly appeared, then you most likely have a problem with your hardware or internet connection.

It may seem like bitcomet is causing the problem, but what bitcomet is doing is opening a large number of connections, making your router and internet connection work harder, which shouldn't be a problem, but the failure isn't likely with bitcomet.

One simple thing you should always do if you have connection issues is unplug all your hardware for at least 30 seconds, then restart everything and see if the problem still exists. If it does, a call to your isp to test your connection might not be a bad idea.

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The usual cause of this behavior is setting your client not to upload, or to upload at minimum bandwidth. What happens is that everyone else in the swarm learns that you are an undesirable connection, so they find someone else. Eventually, you run out of peers who haven't tried you, and no one in the swarm is willing to give you anything more. Bittorrent self-enforces sharing.

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Well TUUS suggested already to you that the culprit may be your router.

I think that the sensible choice would be to take the router out of the loop and see how any of your PCs behaves only with the modem. Don't you think?

Of course, checking that what kluelos said isn't your case, goes without saying. If that IS your case, then you shouldn't do anything else before you remedy that situation.

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