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Password protection and hiding certain files to all users


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My system Info:-

Using bitcomet 1.26.

ADSL 1Mbps

Modem/Router Easy to forward ports in mine

Comodo Antivirus/Firewall

Feature Needed.

I want to password protect certain files like video/movie whose torrent name shouldnt be visible or be able to open Directly from clicking play button without sacrificing Disabling column name and preview in tasklist view.It should have silent download feature if we want to download anonymously from different users of the same pc of the same user login in windows7. Or you can also achieve by firefox profiles like features and protect with password to anonymously download.


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Hmm. A form of this may already be in place.

If you are using a post-1.21 version and have set system.use_appdata to TRUE, then BitComet stores your task list in your %appdata% folder, which is normally associated with your login. So if you have individual accounts that are password-protected, individual tasklists should be separate. I don't know if that is actually true in practice though. so you may want to test it before relying on it.

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Are you asking for bitcomet to only show tasks being run by the user that is logged into "comet id"? If so, it's an interesting idea, but probably not do-able, because Comet ID is optional (and should remain so in my opinion), and anything that makes it a requirement to using bitcomet might violate the bittorrent protocol rules.

I think you would be far better to use the Windows user accounts function thats already build into windows. Also, if you set your default download folder to one that is protected in windows ("my documents" for example), then no other user would be able to view the files.

Also as Kluelos mentioned, this would prevent other user accounts from viewing your task list so long as bitcomet settings are correct.

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