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Can anyone help with my download speed?


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Hi guys, was wondering if any of you could give me any suggestions to improve my download speed

fairly new to torrent's so forgive me for not really knowing what im doing!

i have a 20mb broadband with excellent connection, but i cant seem to get a decent download speed.

at the moment if im downloading one film with lots of seeds the best speed it goes is about 65 kbps; but it slows my laptop RIGHT down so i can barely use the browser...

if im downloading more than 1 film it goes to stupid downloading times like 19 hours!

i have tried clearing up my laptop and de-fragging my hard drive but didnt seem to help

i have an Acer Aspire 6920

can anyone give me any pointers, or need any more information to give me a solution?


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Can you please shut down all computers and programs that are using the internet, then open a webpage at "speedtest.net", and test your connection and post the results.

Next I want you to list all the settings your using in Bitcomet and what version your using, as well as the version of windows.

Without this information we can only guess, but I suspect you have a much slower upload speed compared to your download speed provided by your ISP, and if this is true, you may be using all of it to send data, which can cause you to be slow to reply to requests to trade data, therefore the better peers will ignore you in search of a better peer.

Of course this is only a guess at this point.

I also suggest you go to openoffice.org and look for their p2p release section and get one of their torrents. You should see it downloading at close to your maximum download speed.

Reply with as much details as possible. Also please read the "READ THIS before posting", because you might have had this fixed by now if you had taken 30 seconds to read and reply with the required info.

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Ok my speedtest came back really low, im guessing this is the problem, how would i go about sorting it out?

im using bitcomet version 1.26 with Vista

and my settings are:

Max download rate 350 kb/s

Max upload rate 350 kb/s

Alternate max upload rate when not downloading UNCHECKED

Listen port 9705

randomize port each start UNCHECKED

Port mapping:

Add windows firewall exception CHECKED

Enable uPnp mapping CHECKED

remove port on NAT/Firewall when exiting UNCHECKED

I just downloaded the uniblue registry booster and scanned my computer for registry errors, it came back HIGH with over 200 errors, but tried to make me pay to fix them, is there a place where i can get this kind of software for free? as im guessing this might have something to do with my slow speed...

is this all the infomation you asked for?

Apologies for not reading that thread before posting i didnt see it

thanks for the help

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Uniblue's main purpose is to sell Uniblue. Not all registry errors are a huge problem, indeed, most of them aren't. But yes, there are freeware tools to detect and fix such problems.

What's interesting is if you run one tool, and it says everything's now fine, then run another tool and it says there are all these errors. Who do you believe?

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Did you run the speed test on several servers from that map? Do you get fairly consistent results, close to this?

If yes, you need to adapt your BitComet settings to match your connection speed. But if that's your real download speed then you need to acknowledge that you won't be able to get above 0.49Mb/s=490Kb/s which equals aprox. 61KB/s. That's about the max you could get if you fix your upload settings (which would mean to set your max upload rate at 80% of the tested upload speed, and that would be about 37KB/s.). If that IS really your max download and you want higher speeds you'll need to buy a better connection.

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