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Upload bug. ! ! ! !


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I don't start download.

i stoped download

every work has stop

but, upload rate it's show ! ! !

I don't understand


Please guide me to repair.

this picture are sample now i used version 1.26

but, have problem same that picture.

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Most home internet connections have an upload bandwidth much smaller than their download bandwidth -- they're asymmetric. (That's the "A" in ADSL). You should check your actual bandwidth at speedtest.net, following all of their instructions, in order to find out how fast you upstream connection actually is. You may be at or near its maximum, there's no way for us to tell. If that's the case, there is no solution except to buy a faster upstream connection.

Also keep in mind that bittorrent is peer-to-peer. You download to, and upload from, other people just like you with computers and internet connections just like yours. That means that anything you download, somebody else must upload. Anything that you upload, somebody else must download. In economic terms, you cannot sell something if there are no buyers for it, or buy something if there nobody is selling it.

It is very common, especially on private trackers, for many people trying to improve their ratios, to seed a torrent which has few or no leechers downloading from them. Everyone that downloads the torrent becomes another new seeder themselves, making the problem worse. There is nothing that you can really do about this. When Bram Cohen (invented bittorrent) heard about private trackers, he predicted and warned about exactly this situation.

Some trackers have a system of bonus points you earn by spending time seeding, whether anyone is actually downloading from you or not. Doing that costs you nothing, you can keep dozens of tasks in seeding state without spending any bandwidth on most of them. This keeps the torrent alive. Dead torrents are of no use to anyone.

You will have to see what can be done tracker by individual tracker, as far as improving your ratio. The basic situation itself has no remedy.

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I agree, the reason for the upload is most likely Long Term Seeding. You can disable this in your settings, or you can set an upload limit for LTseed connections. If you disable it, you may adversely effect your download performance.

LTseed option can greatly increase your download speed, but it will continue to upload when your computer is idle.

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Thank you very much for your help.


I disable LT Seeding, My problem has been fixed.

but I have some problem (Again)

Some time it's show some error box, some time only.

Please guide me to fix it, I don't know about UPNP, and i don't need to know ^ - ^

But, I need to fix it.


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If you want the simplest fix, go to...

Options>Connection>port mapping>enable uPnP port mapping

Uncheck the box and restart bitcomet. This will disable the process thats causing the problem.

Also, you are not correct, I tried to explain to you that the uploading wasn't a "problem", it was the normal operation of BitComet sharing the files you downloaded. You can disable it, but in some cases it will greatly reduce your download speed.

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may be i don't understand you language, i'm sorry.

now bitcomet it's ok.

after I did as you suggested.

Thank you very much.

กว่าจะทำได้ เล่นเอางง เป็น ไก่ตาแตก ไปซะนาน ฮ่า ๆ

ขอบคุณท่าน The UnUsual Suspect มาก ๆ นะครับ


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THAT's what you didn't understand. BitComet WAS OK before, too!

It was just behaving according to LT-Seeding protocol rules (which was enabled).

If you want the benefit of LT-Seeding, you have to participate to it, as well.

If you don't want it, then you can disable it (as you did now) and it won't upload anymore, but neither will you benefit from LT-Seeds anymore, when downloading a task which has LT-Seeding support.

That about sums it up.

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