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Hi friends,I am using Norton Internet Security 2010.Yesterday I downloaded Bitcomet 1.26 and after clicking on tools,I clicked on option and in

that option window I could see the virus scan section where I am asked to write the antivirus program path and execute parameters what I do not

know.Some 1 has told about this matter in this link(http://www.tocomet.com/post/44297/)but he did not say clearly means he has said in that link

about norton 360 so,antivirus path name does not match with nis 2010 and he said --- [FileName] /nomem /all---- and what is its meaning I could not

understand Please solve my question.

.... :( :( :( :(


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Your antivirus program must have a command-line scanner, in order to use this feature. That means, a scan that you can run from a command prompt. (Start -> Run -> cmd)

You will need the appropriate parameters for your particular scanner.

If you're thinking, "huh?" then this isn't something you should try.

I used this feature for a while, but have disabled it. My AV's active shield inspects files when I access them, so this was just an unnecessary duplication of effort. It never found anything that the on-access scan didn't.

It was also incredibly intrusive. I'd be torrenting in the background while doing something else, then a download would finish and up pops this command line window to run a virus scan, taking quite a while to finish. I could minimize it, yeah, but I just got tired of the constant need to do so. You can't turn that behavior off, it's Windows and not your AV doing this.

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Mr.Kluelos,I do not use Antivirus,I use Norton Internet security 2010 which is included with norton antivirus.You told me that there should be a comamand line scanner,yes in my internet security there is a command line scannar by which I can scan my computer or every file

by command promt and I attached thaose command as a pdf attachment in this forum,so,u can see those command line but the problem is that I do not wanna scan my any file by command promt.I was asked to write antivirus program path in virus scan of Bitcomet(tools>options>virus scan>Anti virus

Program Path)and I was sked to write execute parameters in execute parameters filed and in extension file type which will be scan field I have to write file extension but how?thisway-----exe,jpg,mpeg or this way-----exe jpg mpeg?I am not an advance user so,you are requested to solve my

question in very easy way as if I can uderstand your evey instruction and can follow.You r requested to tell me what shall I write in those

filed of Bitcomet what I was asked by Bitcomet?

Double click NAVW32.pdf

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Well, yes, you do have an antivirus program, you have Norton's. Norton is discommended for causing problems with P2P, and there are free applications that do everything Norton does, as well or better, and are better behaved. However, as long as you have a command-line scanner that can be invoked by an MS-Dos commmand, that's what is needed.

You are expected to educate yourself on the use of the command-line interface. In the days before Windows, this is all there was and we all used it. So I can't solve your problem for you, you'll need to teach yourself. Nothing else you could get would be any easier to use either, I'm afraid.

This is the only interface that Norton (or most other antivirus programs) offer for getting this task done -- a task that, I repeat, I think you should not do. In general you invoke the program with the command parameters that are appropriate or that you want to use. BitComet will supply the filename parameter at the appropriate moment, but the rest of it is up to you.

You should try actually using and invoking the CLI yourself on samples, so that you understand it and what it does, what the options are, what they do. Once you "get" that, it should be fairly easy for you to construct the proper command for BitComet.

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You might find the correct command if you look on Nortons forum. What Kluelos is telling you is that your question isn't asking us how to use bitcomet, your asking us how to use your Norton AntiVirus, which I don't believe any of us use, so we haven't had to set it up.

You can try asking Norton Tech support, but many of them don't like to support p2p programs, but if you paid for the product, you have a right to some support and I'd demand it, or as I suggested, see if norton has a user forum and do a search for BitComet, if nothing is found then post your own topic and perhaps another user can tell you what commands norton uses.

You may even find one of our members here have done this and can help you, but like I said, this really is a Norton support question. BitComet will execute the commands for you, but it can't read the minds of the antivirus developers and automatically know what commands to run, so good luck in your search, and I hope you can find your answer.

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Very Funny,I think this forum is not for help or to solve any problem of Bitcomet.Why I am telling like this just think.My main topic was about

Bitcomet where I asked 3 questions about Bitcomet.After clicking the tools of bitcomet window you will see the option windown and at the left side of the option window you can see virus scan and in that filed you have to write the antivirus program path,Execute parameters and extension

file types which will be scaned.I could not understand how to solve those question or how to write in those field so, I asked in the forum and I told here that I am using norton Internet security 2010 which is included with norton antivirus 2010 that means I am using all kinds of security of internet and norton antivirus is a software wich is for virus scaning and visrus deleting only but norton internet security is for virus

scaning,deleting,firwall and with other many securities.My question was not about Norton internet security configuration or any problem realated to norton,I just asked those question which was asked by Bitcomet to me.To make U understand clearly I uploaded 1 Jpg file and 1 pdf file but i think you did not check those file and without checking those file or without seeing my main topic you gave your answer.Mr the unusual suspect b4 writting any thing in the forum pls read the main topic.Mr kluelos,to solve my problem you asked command line parameters of norton which i gave

you as a pdf attachtment in the forum and I told you that I do not want to scan my comuter by command prompt because i did not want to know about command prompt scanning,I just assked what i have to write in those filed what bitcomet software asked me(means the answer of those 3 questions)and you were telling me to scan by the command prompt what I did not asked in the forum.Another thing I am the licence user of symantec company.I asked them about this problem by telephone and they told that it is the problem of bitcomet so bitcomet will solve it.I have to

say that the unusual suspect and mr kluelos both of you are good for nothing,you just think that forum is the place of joking like an internet chatting messenger like yahoo messenger or google talk. Both of you are damaging the forum this way.I shall not write here anymore because of the people like you and I am requesting both of you not come here because you give your openion without reading main topic carefully or checking the attachment.

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Well, for one thing, we're both moderators of this forum, so it's unlikely that we're going to go away.

The word that comes to mind here is, "entitlement". You think you are somehow entitled to all the answers without having to do any work yourself, or even try to understand what you're doing, as if we owe it to you.

We don't. You will have to teach yourself to use your own antivirus program. We will not do it for you. First, of course, you will have to learn that it IS an antivirus program, so I suspect you'll have a steep learning curve.

If you've got a problem with this, let us know, and we will give you a full refund, not only on what you paid for BitComet, but for all your support fees too. Oh, you didn't pay anything at all? Nothing for BitComet, and nothing for support? Yet you are still criticizing and carping about people who volunteer to try to help you for free, because they actually expect you to lift a finger to help yourself?

What selfish, arrogant entitlement! Grow up.

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As Einstein was saying "Two things are infinite, the universe and...", what was the other thing?

@Bvnh_2k3_m1g: A reality check would be highly recommended in your case, to say the least.

Just to clear a few things that seem muddled in your head.

BitComet doesn't ask you to do anything!

It just OFFERS you THE POSSIBILITY to pass the downloaded files of a task, to the antivirus of your choice.

That action is done by your inputing in the appropriate fields on the Options page, of a command line and possibly execute parameter(s) (if necessary).

Nobody asked you to scan your files from the command line. If you didn't understand that you're supposed to input the command line and the parameters in the 2 fields of the page for which you provided a screenshot, then you're way more thick than the average of most computer users and that's nobody's fault.

Once you input the correct command line and parameters, BitComet will automatically launch your antivirus and pass it the downloaded files. That's the whole philosophy.

Now, to determine if the antivirus you use supports command line scanning, and which are the appropriate command lines is none of BitComet's business, nor ours. IT IS YOURS!

There are dozens of antiviruses out there and nobody here had the time or got payed to review all of them and write guides on what are the appropriate command lines for each of them (if any).

Every user, if he wants to use this option can use his own time to document himself on the right command and parameters that need be used.

BitComet just offers you the interface locations where you can input those commands. That's where its business ends.

The BitComet documentation and the interface itself clearly indicates for you WHERE you are supposed to input the commands. But WHAT are those commands is none of BitComet's or our business since they are particular to EACH antivirus application.

If the commands are right for the antivirus you use, BitComet will be able to start your antivirus and scan the files, if not, nothing will happen.

End of story.

So, yes, my colleagues were right to advise you to study your antivirus and learn for yourself the proper commands. You needn't provide US the documentation for your antivirus! We are not a support forum for Norton products, so you can't expect anyone here to use their spare time to install a Norton product, then check, test, learn and tell you the proper commands, which you are too lazy to discover yourself.

On the other hand if you feel lost on that area, now is a good time to think about registering at Norton forums and asking THEIR users and moderators about the proper command lines instead of us, don't you think?

So, perhaps a glass of icy cool water is in order for you, just to clear your head.

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Thats funny that you are paying for Norton support and they can't tell you what command line to use to initiate a scan with their own software, but you didn't pay a penny for BitComet, and besides downloading your files, you expect it to magically know how to initiate a scan with YOUR software (norton) that you PAID for and when asking what should be a simple question for THEM, you decide to rant at us.

Well, the file download is complete, so bitcomet's done it's job. If you want help scanning your files then either do it yourself manually, or if you want bitcomet to Initiate a scan with YOUR software, then learn how YOUR software works, and stop demanding that our volunteers should know how YOUR software works.

I highly suggest you get it in your head which software product your asking about. We can not tell you what commands to enter into bitcomet to get it to run your Norton for you, so either start to educate yourself on how your software operates, or scan the files manually.

In either case, we're done trying to help you.

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