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Hey there,

I'm on Windows 7 64 bit.

ISP plan is 15mbs.

Comet on 1.26.

I think the biggest problem I have is, I really don't see my files speeding up. I tried on one of my 20 over gig dl.

This particular dl had hit high speeds of 1000kb and more at times. So I switched it on, waited a while (It began downloading at about 40/50 kb) hit the download and accelerated.


I really didn't see any big difference. Really had high hopes for this purchase.

Second, I then tried to disable VIP from that dl and to my dismay, all I got was a pop up msg saying this exactly:

Vip Acceleration can be disabled when it keeps preparing for more than 24 hours.

I think "can" is a spelling mistake.

Last but not least, what does the whole sentence even means? It's just incorrect english.

I am guessing something like I can't disable it unless it runs for 24 hours?

Which now leads to my next queries.

As users, if we decide to disable the acceleration lets say maybe I bought 10 gb VIP, I activated it on a file with a size of 10 gb.

Later on, I saw a download of 1 gig and excitedly decide to speed this up instead.

I then tried to disable the VIP in the still downloading file lets say it has downloaded to 90 percent which is 9 gigs, and use the remaining 1 gb I should have left of VIP for this new file...

I got this strong feeling we probably can't do that?

Honestly, I am just speaking from a normal consumer point of view, It is next to impossible your sales team did not know the implications of selling such a service.

Therefore, why did you guys put it out without first, fixing all these small gritty little things that I AM SURE the good people at BComet should know and had anticipated.

I am looking at the miserable file downloading now and it's really not making any big differance in the download speed. What I am going to do, is wait for your reply. and try it on yet another one of my known to dl at high speed files in a while.

Truly, I don't want to make things difficult but I'm quite disappointed. Thanks!



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Hi, first thing I'd like to do is make sure you have the proper settings to get the best speed even without VIP. Please run a speedtest at speedtest.net. Select several servers that are local to you and run several tests. Make sure all your downloads are stopped and completely exit BitComet as well as any other programs that are using the internet as well as any other computers that share your connection.

When you get some accurate readings on your max tested upload, please set your global max upload in bitcomet to about 80% of your tested max. If your unsure how to calculate this, post your speedtest results here and we'll do it for you.

If you do it yourself, be aware of the most common mistake, "b" and "B" are two very different units of measurement. 8kb/s = 1kB/s.

Now, if your upload speed is much slower then your download, then bitcomet vip servers should be able to greatly increase your download speed. If your upload is equal or close to your download speed provided by your isp, then your not likely to see much difference, however the vast majority of internet connections have very limited upload speed.

Regarding the problems we've had with vip, please not that this service is in Beta Testing. We cannot develop a stable product without public testing, but BitComet developers have been more then fair in compensating users that have had service outages or other performance problems.

Additionally, if you feel your vip service wasn't working correctly, please PM your comet ID with a description of the problem or errors to Lucy26 and she will look into your account and see what the trouble could be.

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VIP Acceleration can be disabled when it keeps preparing for more than 24 hours.

When you enable VIP Acceleration for a task, the service will start preparing for downloading channels, which means it's seeking and collecting the pieces you need. Once the channel is ready, the VIP server will transfer the pieces to you (the local client), and speed up your downloads. However, some tasks may lack resources, hence the VIP server will not be able to find the pieces you need. Therefore, if the VIP server prepares for downloading channel for more than 24 hours, you will be able to disable the service and get your bandwidth back.

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DL: 16.86Mb/s

UL: 0.85Mb/s

And after waiting so long an patiently trying this service.

I truly have yet seen it working on my downloads.


Attached a picture of my current dl.

Note that I have left this dl on for 3 days.

I have tested with just only a single dl as well.


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You're running far more tasks than your connection can support. With that small upstream speed you probably can't do more than one seeding and one downloading task.

Take a look at your upstream speeds for those active torrents. 2 or 3 KB/s makes you a pretty unattractive peer, so you're only going to get similarly unattractive partners most of the time. Given that you haven't opened your listen port, it seems likely you haven't configured your client either, and that would further slow you down, inhibiting all communication including VIP downloading. You really need to sort your client first.

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For starters, definitely reduce the number of tasks. If you don't, all your tasks will run slow. As you experienced, you may sometimes come across some very strong torrents that will have more people uploading then downloading, and in that case, you will get data from the peers that you haven't earned, but in most cases, you won't get any good peer connections. If a peer offers to trade with you and sends you some data, and waits for the data you promised, and waits some more... keeps on waiting, then eventually gets it elsewhere, then when you finally do send it, it's ignored, as are any future requests you send that peer.

Since your maximum upload speed is 0.85mb/s, or 850kb/s, which when converted from bits to Bytes equals about 106kB/s. On an average torrent with all peers equal, you can expect to upload at about 85kB/s and download at about the same rate. This does make you an ideal candidate for VIP. You can only upload at 85kB/s but the vip servers can upload hundreds of times faster, so as long as there are peers to supply the data, they will get it much faster and send it to you.

One of the major problems is obviously the blocked listening port, but also your going to want to enter a global max upload rate limit of about 85kB/s. If you don't do this, then bitcomet might use all your upload of 106kB/s to send data, then anyone trying to trade with you will get no response. When you impose this limit, and open your listening port, your performance will improve. From there you'll have to change your download habits too. When you run less tasks, you'll get better performance on them and download faster over all, and most important you'll become a good peer, one that others are eager to connect to.

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