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Can anybody tell me why the adobe doesn't work or install right. Its says it needs to be updated and I do but it doesn't work.

Is anybody got the same problem and is there something better than this piece a junk. Thank you :blink:

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Adobe is a big company with many products. I could take a guess that your referring to their Flash player, but if I assume that, then anything further could be completely unrelated to your inquiry.

Adobe's website will see you as a Mozilla Firefox user and attempt to install their download extension in order to download the flash update for firefox/cometbird. However, this download manager doesn't seem to work correctly for many users. I too had this problem and I finally got someone from adobe to talk to, but they refused to be of any help because Flash Player is a free product. What he did tell me was to just use a different browser to download it if their download extension doesn't work.

Unfortunately, I tried this with Google Chrome browser and the website told me that my google chrome already has the latest flash player installed, so it wouldn't let me download it. I then tried with Internet Explorer, and was able to download the flash player for firefox/cometbird and was able to install it.

Just remember that Internet Explorer will ask you if you want to "run" or "save" the file. If you select "run" it will probably try to install on that browser, so "save" the file to somewhere you can find it and don't try to run it from IE.

Good Luck, and please be specific next time you request help, and if this wasn't related to "Flash", then you cannot blame us, since you didn't mention what product you wanted help with.

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Please make sure to post in the correct forum - this one is for reporting Bugs (and has nothing to do with your query).

*moved to CometBird General Discussions*

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