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I'm new to using torrents, i know of being a seeder,peer and a leecher.

i want to help others get what i have downloaded as it is only fair.

can people tell me how to become a seeder please?

i want to make sure i can help anyone and everyone out as best as i can.

Peace and love


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Thank you for your swift reply.

i dont mean to offend but im more lost now than i was before i started.

im sure your intentions were good.

i understand how to download

i just want to make sure i seed, as well as leech.

does everything i ever download always seed?

i just want to make sure i give back my fair share.

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Ok, a very specific answer to your specific question is after the torrent reaches 100% complete, you're then a "seeder", and the files will continue to upload.

On BitComet, look at your "ratio" column (if its not present, "right click" on any column header and select it from the list of optional columns). A ratio above 1.000 means you've uploaded more then you've downloaded, if it is less, then you should continue the task until it uploads more.

After your task has reached an acceptable ratio and is stopped, it will remain available for LTseeding. This is a downloading protocol unique to bitcomet and the files can be shared with other bitcomet users if you have the LTseed option enabled and your bandwidth isn't in demand by other tasks.

When a task is both stopped and removed from bitcomet, then it will no longer be shared in any way.

This is just one additional way that bitcomet helps you to share the files you have downloaded. You should also note that enabling LTseed can greatly increase your download performance.

I hope this answers your questions.

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