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snapshots not loading


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You haven't even submitted enough data for a support request, and the fact that it was an invasive procedure like data recovery that caused it, this proves it's not a bug report.

If you want help, then read the rules for requesting support and post in the support section.

However, it's probably likely that you restored a prior version of a image caching file that bitcomet uses. BitComet (as well as every program that installs or runs in windows operating system) doesn't remove files when done with them, it simply erases the record in the filesystems file allocation table. When you do an invasive procedure like this, it will find all these little files that were (and should be) deleted, and ask you if you want to restore them. If you say yes, it can cause havoc with some programs.

The good news is if you either redownload *or rehash the download*, you are likely to get the snapshots back. It's also likely that new downloads won't have this problem. If they do, then remove and reinstall BitComet. If it still doesn't work, then the problem is in your operating system.

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