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Hey thar!


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Yeah just here to maybe learn a thing or two about P2P clients.

Curious, while downloading, how can I manage my client to get the most speed out of it? I've been using P2P clients for a few years now, but never attempted to mess around with any of the settings. (Using uTorrent btw) I'll typically get DL speeds around anything from 100KB/sec to 1MB/sec. I know that a majority of the download speed is determined by peers, so what can I do to beef up the speeds for those slower downloads?

Also, how can I download torrents securely without actually paying for protected feeds and such?


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By "securely", if you mean without anyone knowing who you are... then that is already the case. Most laws prohibit your isp from telling anyone who you are (short of a court ordering them to). If you want to keep peers from knowing what IP address your using, then there is no reliable way to achieve that unless you pay for a remote computer to use VPN, or operate a remote server (seedbox). Both are costly, and if you do so, you'll need to get one from a company that operates in a country that won't attempt to enforce other countries laws.

If "securely" means avoiding viruses, then know the only way infected files can get into your computer from normal use of torrents is if the original uploader started with infected files. Any piece of data that is infected by a peer in the swarm would be rejected as soon as it reaches you. Downloading torrents from a reliable source is the key. If your unsure, you can wait to see some positive comments on the torrent site. Most users will post warnings if there are malicious files or viruses.

Regarding your settings, the most important is to make sure you don't use 100% of your upload bandwidth to send data. If so, your communications will peers will be delayed and the best peers will assume your too slow to interest them and ignore you.

I suggest fully reading our settings guide, it's old but the same rules still apply. Basically measure your max upload, then limit your client to use about 80%.

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