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Please increase Time of Seeding limit in the Auto Stop Task

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The limit is currently set to 1000 mins, which is less than a day.

Can you please increase it to at least 10000, which is a week.

I like to give back more than I get and some torrents are either very well seeded or have very low traffic and I find that 1000 is just not enough.

Hopefully a small change, please let me know what you think. My first post, hopefully it's in the right place.


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I don't use the "auto stop" feature, so have never noticed it was limited to 1000 mins, so I'll second your request.

Keep in mind though that this only will effect the torrent if the first two fields goals are met, total upload and amount of seeders present. The time alone won't cause the task to stop.

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@wiz I have already reported this feature suggestion to the development team on April 2nd.

I have noticed that you already mentioned "Infinite Seeding" in our BC Wish list.

@sharayde Our development team is working on a similar feature which enable our users seed certain task as long as they want to.

It needs adequate time to test before add this feature in a new version.

We will mark all the changes in our annoucement when there is a new version released.

You can find yourself updated by checking our forum and webiste.

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Yep, but that's kind of different.

That option, if implemented, would act on a per-torrent basis (i.e. only for the torrents for which you activated it) whereas this auto-stop condition is globally affecting all the tasks in the Task List (i.e. whatever value you choose for the minimum seeding time, it will be enforced on all running tasks equally).

I, for one, don't want to set the minimum seeding time for all my tasks to such great values, but I would like to have the ability to seed some tasks indefinitely.

So if I were to choose between this option and the one I suggested I'd definitely go for mine as it offers more flexibility.

OTOH, this one could come in handy for someone who just wants to increase globally, the minimum time limit for all the tasks in the Task List, therefore for some people it could prove equally useful.

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