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Saving to HFS+ by MacDrive from Windows Over 4GB

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I am using MacDrive to read and write HFS+ partition.

When I choose the downloading location for BitComet in HFS+, it is telling me that I have to change the location because the file size is over 4 GB.

I am able to write over 4GB files by using Windows copy and paste, but not with Bitcomet.

How can I solve this?

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Hi, I've never used it but from what I just read about it, it's a windows utility that lets you read data on hfs and hfs+ drives. My best guess is that it was designed to interact with windows specifically, but I'm guessing it's not nearly as good at letting installed windows applications access it. (in other words, if it made windows see the partition as ntfs, then you probably wouldn't have this problem).

If my assumption is correct, then BitComet would need to know it exists and recognise it's being used in order to prevent the very userfriendly warning you read. Without this warning, bitcomet would simply allow windows to begin saving the file until it reached 4gb, then crash, making it look like bitcomet was at fault because windows didn't warn the user that the total target size woudn't fit their FAT drive.

Unfortunately this would require our developers to add the abilitity to recognize and detect the presence of this program and override the warning. I can't see this happening, as it isn't going to be an issue with most users but you can put in a request that an advanced user option be added to disable the 4gb non-ntfs warning.

I definitely think this warning does far more good then bad because I've seen windows attempt to write files larger then 4gb onto FAT drives and give no warning until it failed, and to date, your the first person we've seen report that it caused a problem for them.

ps. I'm also not discounting the possibility that I'm completely wrong about this as its only a theory based on 5mins of reading about your software. Perhaps one of our support team knows more about this and can offer you more useful info.

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Thanks for your reply.

The program makes Windows see the partition as HFSJ.

Sorry for asking this, but how can I make a request (I couldn't find a specific thread or topic in the forum) ?

That request for disabling the NTFS warning can really be useful.

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That is already selected, and that folder is in HFS+ partition also.

I had 24 GB torrent file,which was downloading from my previous install. I moved the torrent to the HFS+ partition with no problem (by Windows cut/paste).

After that, I clicked on the torrent file (.torrent) to download it, but I came across the 4 GB warning.

I tried another torrent over 4 GB (new torrent, no previous file), same warning.

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The 4GB limit applies to FAT32 partitions, so it must be that something is making BitComet think that's what the partition is.

This makes me think that MacDrive isn't operating on the proper level -- that it only makes certain parts of Windows see it as an NTFS partition, and that those aren't the filesystem calls that BitComet uses.

This suggests that MacDrive needs some beating on, and that a request to BitComet won't really do much good. You'd just postpone the problem to elsewhere/elsewhen.

For a temporary band-aid, just download part of the torrent, if you can. move the downloaded part, mark the downloaded part as "Do not download", then do the next chunk. Slow. Ugly. Should work.

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I arranged the folders in an NTFS partition for now.

The funny thing is I cannot even back up my files on non-NTFS partitions even with with Shareware programs.

They don't even accept Hybrid (MBR/EFI) Boot Partitions (Known as MBR partition).

I am doubting if my Video Editor Programs will accept HFS+ to write the files, I haven't tested yet.

If not, that empty space in HFS+ will only be a temporary folder for keeping some files (Windows copy/paste).

Yes, you are right about MacDrive: It is not making it completely read/write because not every program is recognizing it as NTFS.

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Hi imayneed, I have reported this issue to the development team see if they can optimize this.

The first feedback from them is that this issue may only exist in Mac computer with windows OS.

Right now, if you want to download a 4GB file you may have to change the zoned format to NFTS.

We will working on this, once this feature is fixed, you will know from the changelog of a future version.

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