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Prior version of CometBird

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Many users of Firefox 4.0 have been unhappy with it and wanted to revert back to a previous version. Since Cometbird will likely have the same issue, here is a link for the latest pre-4.0 version of Cometbird.

Update: All prior version of CometBird are now available from the official download page.

Download All Versions of CometBird Here

Highlighted are the latest version, and the latest (pre-4.0) version (3.6.16), with a link to the complete archives of all historical releases.

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For those who didn't update yet I have a small list of reasons I found to get back to 3.6.13:

- Some toolbars are not working

- Some add-ons are not working

- Some Greasemonkey scripts are having problems

- Some javascript bookmarklets are having problems

- The font sometimes gets blurry (supposed to be a fancy option, disabling takes some time to find)

If you don't want any of the above to happen: Check your toolbar/add-on/script before upgrading to 4.0!

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why link for 3.6.13

i wil upload link 3.6.16 which is immediate prior to cometbird 4

one more question why APPHIT is very reckless about updating cometbird every version??

link given below for 3.6.16

Link replaced with official page at cometbird.com

Edited by The UnUsual Suspect
changed link to our official download page (see edit history)
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The apphit links are only temporary, simply because it was handy to post.

BitComet has discontinued it's association with apphit and removed their update checker from our software, so it's very likely apphit will no longer be offering our products.

We've asked development to provide direct links to get prior versions without need to use 3rd party sources, but until then, I recommend using the apphit link.

Regarding your link for 3.6.16, I'm not going to remove it, but we cannot recommend users get our software from unapproved sources, so we strongly recommend getting the files from apphit, as they were provided by us at the time they were added.

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the file which i uploaded here form our server only which i downloaded when its provided here.i myself uploaded it to hotfile and had given link here.so no prob to download it i think

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I personally have no problem with you offering this version to other members, but our official position is that we recommend only getting our software from our servers and the mirror locations listed on our website. since apphit is one of them (or more accurately "was"), then it can be recommended as a source.

Users are more then welcome to use your link if they like, but CometBird cannot recommend it as it's out of our control.

Thank you for providing the link, it's upto our members if they want to use it, and I'm sure many will.

Update: Now that all versions are available from cometbird.com, I'm removing all other mirror locations from this thread.
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