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Well, I updated to the new (should be improved) version 4 and now accessing book marks is a pain in the arse, I use this feature a lot. I also know that some of my favorites are gone , completely.

I like store my favorites on my computer, like IE. Problem is IE crashes frequently.

Question, am I missing something here or has it really become complicated ? :angry:

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Many people weren't happy with Firefox 4.0, so Cometbird hesitated on making a 4.0 version, but many people wanted it, so it was finally released. Now many people don't like it (a blind person could have seen that coming).

The only temporary solution I can offer you is to download the prior version, or wait for an update to fix the issues with 4.0.

We have asked development to make prior versions available, and they are now offered on cometbirds download page.

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One thing you can do about this is to back up your bookmarks fairly frequently. Most browsers have a function to export your bookmarks to a file. Do that to back them up. If you do periodic maintenance as you should (repair & defrag disks, scan for adware and malware), you could include backing up your bookmarks in that process.

Even if you don't back up often, do it now (yes, right now). Good odds you'll be really glad of that someday.

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