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Can't see captcha

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Hi again,

I don't know what's happening, I can't see anymore captcha button (don't appear) when trying to download to Oron (hosting files) website.

I disable and then enable javascript, but this not fix my problem.

Any ideas ?

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I wasn't seeing captcha. Google and Bing homepages were not loading either.

I went here on my computer...


Right clicked hosts file and clicked properties and unchecked the box READ ONLY.

Then I tried to open...it asked me to choose and I chose to open with a program on my computer...NOTEBOOK.

I saw this in there... www.google.com www.bing.com

Some people might have others as well.

(I first copied and pasted in another text page to save in case this didn't work).

I deleted this from the file... www.google.com www.bing.com

and saved.

Went back to Firefox and had Google and Bing. I also saw captcha and was able to use!!!

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I'm afraid you have been infected. Something malicious wrote those entries into your hosts file. This would cause traffic intended for Google or Bing to be redirected to someplace in Romania.

Exactly why is unknown, but one purpose for this is to do a "man in the middle" attack, where everything you send gets captured and recorded before it is sent on. You don't know that the middleman is there, but he's getting any passwords and logins, any account numbers and security codes that you send.

You likely don't have any real idea how long this has been going on. If you've been doing, say, any computerized banking then you have to regard those accounts as compromised.

And, of course, you need to thoroughly disinfect your computer -- antivirus, Spybot, Adaware, MABM and a rootkit detector like AVG's. Do that now.

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