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Torrent Trackers list automatic collecting and updating

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I sure, that will be mach better if the program will be automatically find, collect, correct and update the Torrent Trackers lists. And will be happy if all of Torrent dowload managers will can share this lists for everyone.

How to do this - very easy!

Every day it more and more sites appers for Torrents and Magnets publication. For example new site FireBit.org.

They have an own Tracker. If I dowloading some Torrents from them I reciev list of supported Torrent Trackers.

It is very easy to chack this list on avalibility Trackers and if it's need to add adresses to list.

Ufter that - to send updated list for central server and to all of peers, users, seeds etc.

What is this to give - many files availible in the Internet with different Names but with exactly the same content. It mens will be appear posibility to import content from other Torrents and to increase the dowload speed.

I think so... <_<

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Nope. Bittorrent doesn't work that way, sorry. You need to read up on it. Try the developer's section at bittorrent org. All those different files with different names would have to be identical down to the byte level, which they certainly are not. Bittorrent has very thorough precautions that prevent anyone from substituting a nearly-identical file for another. This prevents anybody from slipping malware or adware into a torrent they're seeding.

A tracker like Firebit does not give you a list of *trackers*. It gives you a list of *peers*, which is a different thing entirely.

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I'm sorry, but your understanding of the English Language is almost as bad as your understanding of Bittorrent protocol.

From what you posted, we can't be completely sure what your suggesting, but it's obvious that you don't understand how bittorrent works.

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If you "do not want to know" how the protocol works then, obviously, you should refrain yourself from making suggestions.

What you could do in all fairness is ask questions about certain aspects or features in order to learn or clear your mind but NOT state what is "missing" from the application.

Because the moment you say "this" or "that" is missing, people will take you seriously and assume that you know what you're talking about and also that you know the product.

Therefore a certain feeling of waisted time is inevitable for us, especially after wading out way through the fairly incomprehensible google-translated text only to realize in the end that it was for nothing.

This is very simple, predictable logic and as far as I know marketing managers aren't excused from logic; so if you want to get upset with anyone that could be yourself.

We've showed ourselves more than willing to reach across, by trying to read and understand what you're proposing and replying to you after that.

The fact that the reply was a negative one is not related to us but to the fact that, as you say, you "don't know or want to know how the protocol works".

BTW downloads via BitTorrent will go as fast as your connection speed allows, provided that you configured your client accordingly, that you have an open listening port and that there are enough peers in the swarm holding the resources you need. But then again, this is another mindless rambling that you're probably not interested into since you're a "marketing manager not a programmer".

So cheers, and may all good things come to you, without you lifting a finger. ;)

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