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Embeded New publications list in the BitComet

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Just now everybody looking publications and news in some dedicated servers.

For example I looking new of films and games on the FireBit.org, somebody on the PiratBay etc.

I have some interesting files and want to share it for other people

I tried to do this on some public servers. But this is so difficalt becouse all of them have a special rules for:

  1. content of news
  2. design of news
  3. Torrent names
  4. News description content and format
  5. Etc.

Certainly I can create a Torrent in BitComet and to public this with some description. But any way I must to find files, news and so on by Google.

My idea is a very simple:

1. After creating Torrent - program should ask me "Woul'd You like to publish this for other people?"

2. If I select "Yes" - than one by one (publication master questions:

  • Languages of publication (selecting automatically by System language with possibility select addition)
  • Type of news (audio, video, program etc.)
  • Short text of description
  • Full description
  • One by one all attributes needed (original name, system, year, owners etc.) in the dedicated rows

3. Press the "Public" button and after this the news must automatically appear in the special program window. Certaily, BitComet must have "News and Dowloads" dedicated window.

What it's to give for everybody:

1. No need to looking files in the Google (so long time of searching)

2. No need dedicated server for the news storage

3. No need to hide the news from owners (becouse all of news will be share on users computers in all of word)

4. One plase of storage news and never empty Torrents. Becowse firstly user collect the files, udjust it and put it to folder what he like.

5. Possibility to check the same publications (with a different names and descriptions, but with a same files content).

And so on and more...

Certainly, BitComet must have a posibility to find and import news from other servers.

For examle - if I download some Torrent from FireBit.org, BitComet must automaticallly to check the publication on avalibility in databese and ask me "Do You want to import this publication in the BitComet database?".

I think so... :blink:

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I don't know if it's your English which is too poor or your ability to use the correct technical terms to make this clear, but to me your post is pretty much incomprehensible.

I can't figure out what you're trying to propose.

Try using the original technical terms for any feature/technology you mention, not "your" definition of them; unfortunately we don't know what's in your mind.

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Normally I would assume a post like this was done with a computer translating a document into english, but in that case it would make no sense at all but at least use correct spelling. In this case, it makes no sense at all and has many spelling errors.

Please find someone who both speaks fluent English and has technical experience in this field and ask them to translate what your trying to suggest.

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I'm sorry, we don't offer support in Russian Language.

This forum is staffed by volunteers, we are all BitComet users such as yourself and we spend what time we can here to help other users. I wouldn't be against the idea of opening a russian language forum here, but in order to do so we would need to have staff willing and available to translate technical language into English.

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ps. Several of us have tried hard to understand what your asking/suggesting, but none of us is really sure, and no translation program will be able to translate technical terms. For example, the word "torrent" would be taken to mean a strong current in a river, when translated by a computer. "50 gig hard drive" would be translated to mean "50 jobs involving difficult driving".

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I think your use of the term "News" is confusing everyone. I am not sure whether you mean general news like politics, finance and diplomacy; or new torrents posted to a site; or new movies and albums released by various people.

The google translation is no more comprehensible than your posts. Computer translation needs many decades of development before it will really be useful.

As an example, write out a poem or passage that you know very well, about 500 words long.

Use Google to translate it into French.

Copy the French output and paste it back into Google, and this time translate the French into German.

Translate the German into English.

Translate the English into Spanish

Finally, translate the Spanish back into Russian.

You will barely recognize your original, and it will probably make you laugh. You should begin to see the kinds of problems that still have to be overcome.

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The reason you are unable to edit your post in our forum is because there is a time limit. Your permitted 30 mins to edit a topic you post. If you want to add information to the topic after the 30mins has expired, you can add a reply.

Now for a demonstration of what Kluelos was explaining.

English (from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address)

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.


4 счета и 7 лет тому назад наши отцы принесли вперед на этот материк новую нацию, понятую в вольности, и предназначенную к предложению что все люди созданный равный.

Broken English

4 calculations even 7 years ago our fathers brought forward to this continent new nation, understood in the liberty, and intended to the proposal that all people the created equal.

Now you might be able to make some kind of sense of that English, but not if your dealing with technical terms. The fact that "Four Score and Seven Years" means "87 years" was completely lost. When it comes to technical terms, you cannot afford to lose something so important.

Translators are totally useless, so your going to have to find someone who speaks fluent english or we will never understand what you are trying to say.

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Oh, yeah, we're all about the language. We are really strong on not filling up the board with incomprehensible gibberish.

As an example, the word you're probably looking for is "SIMPLE", not "SIMLE". Nobody knows what "SIMLE" means because it's not an English word. You mistranslated it, or miscopied it, and were too careless to get it right. In any case, it doesn't matter whether your idea is "simle" or not, when you can't manage to explain it.

You just ran out your welcome.

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We are not the developers, if you want to try to explain it to them, you can go to their forum, we're done trying to help you.

Install Chinese version and click on the forum link.

ps. @ kluelos, I thought he meant "Smile".

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