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Disk Busy, Please wait for a while.


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I was downloading a 2 GB File. When it is about to finish, this pop out with a balloon come out and says disk busy, please wait for a while. Then the whole bitcomet stops functioning, and it has to quit. Can't get my download to finish. Someone please help.



Pentium ® 4CPU 3.00 GHz

2.99Ghz, 0.99GB of RAM


Internet DSL

got Modem, Router, Port forwarding failed.

I tried to change the save path to another disk, but still same error came out.

PLease help.

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Kluelos is asking what windows version your using, in case you don't understand his question.

Also, a file system error isn't going to simply go away if you switch your download location. If the file/s were readable, they would move to the new location, but the same error that stopped the download may have stopped the moving process.

Until we know your windows version, we can't tell you how to check the drive for errors, which needs to be done prior to doing the manual rehash.

If you do a manual hashcheck on a corrupt file system, your likely to lose data, but to answer your question, you stop the task, "right click" and select "manual hash check"

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This is the same error I am receiving. Normally able to download many torrents at once, I am being limited to no more than one or two active downloads. I don't think I changed any settings, have considered that my kid may have changed things while he was playing petville, but it is unknown at this point if that may have happened. I installed the newest bitcomet this morning, in hopes that the new release would clear up any issues but it's doing the same thing as the first poster mentioned, downloads stopped last night some time, and every once in a while I get the message 'disk busy' and then bitcomet shuts off the torrents that I have running.

computer specs: windows 7 home premium sp1 64 bit, 300gb storage left, 6 gb ram, intel core i5, 2.80 ghz processor - not sure what else you'd need to know to figure out what's up. this started yesterday after I tried to install the sims 3 expansion packs, not sure if I fried something along the way, normally have no troubles using bitcomet/torrents. :( feel free to mail/msg/berate me so we can figure out what's up xox

have attached a screen shot of bitcomet in case it helps :) As you can see, some have downloaded, some have a litte bitty diamond thing beside them, even though y/d they were all downloading simultaneously.

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The particular settings under Options -> Task determine how many torrents, for example, you can download at once. This is your choice, but you don't want so many tasks running at once that they're getting starved for bandwidth.

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