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Hi there all,

is there still a way to disable the word translator in the latest version?

If so where and how do I do this as I have searched all over.

I find it really annoying to have it popping up all the time.

I know it used to be an "A" button at the bottom of the page, but as that is no longer there and I can't find a check box under options I hope some one can help me.

Thanks in advance, Dawn.

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I believe she's talking about CometBird.

If that's the case, you can manage the word translator from Tools-->Add-ons-->Extensions-->Browser UI Enhancement-->Options.

Once got there go to the Translator tab.

In there you can determine the behavior of the translator (at mouse-over, only for selected text) or disable it altogether.

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Duh!! So sorry.

Yes I meant cometbird, I should have checked properly where I was posting.

But thank you for the help, I was getting rather peeved by the time I posted.

Cheers again, and sorry again.


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No problem Dawn. Grey Wizard has given you the info you needed to know. Being this is an international forum, I usually like to clarify what the person really wants, as "translator" itself could be poorly translated function of bitcomet. There are also translation projects for other of our software programs like MPCstar and cometplayer, so we really weren't 100% sure you were inquiring about Cometbird, but glad you got your answer.

I'll move the topic to the proper forum for you.

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